Your Wellness Guide To Surviving Music Festivals

In case the influx of flower crown photos on social media didn’t make it clear enough, let it be known; we have officially entered festival season. While watching your favorite bands perform sounds like a solid way to spend a few summer days, music festivals aren’t exactly known for fostering the healthiest of habits. This begs the question: Is it possible to dive headfirst into festival season and come out alive and well on the other side?


We’ve rounded up our favorite wellness tips to ensure you and your body make it through festival season healthy and happy.    


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Scorching sun plus hours of dancing, and perhaps an alcoholic beverage or two, can send you into severe dehydration. The last thing you want to deal with during your musical festivities is the possibly harmful side effects associated with dehydration. 


“For every alcoholic beverage you have to have two pints of water,” says New York-based family nurse practitioner, herbalist and life coach Victoria Albina


So be sure to drink lots of water. If you can, pack hydrating drinks that will give you an electrolyte boost, such as pre-made VitaminWater or homemade sole water.


 Sole water is a really great adrenal-boosting tonic that could be a nice thing to do if you’re going to a multi-day festival to give yourself some more minerals and a boost,” Albina says. 


Despite the fancy name, sole water isn’t a pricey beverage. Regular filtered water is mixed with unrefined salt, such as Himalayan sea salt. According to Albina, it can increase your energy, improve your digestion and support your body’s natural detoxification processes—all good things when you’re bouncing around, catching your favorite bands. 

Get ahead of health obstacles

Keep your daily routine as regular as possible while away from home. 


“Don’t skip your supplements just because you’re going to a music festival, especially because you’re going to be around more people than usual,” Albina says. “It’s a great time to take echinacea, vitamin C and other immune boosters.” She adds that elderberry syrup is reputed to boost the immune system, which may make it a good idea “before you’re going to be around thousands of people and using a porta-john all the time.” 


Cover up


Most folks are used to hearing the spiel about the importance of sunscreen, but Albina reminds us that physically blocking the sun’s rays is essential too. “Wear a hat, and wear a thin shirt to cover your skin and be sure to spend time in the shade,” Albina says. 


Know where your cannabis comes from


It’s well-known that music festivals are rarely substance-free events, and it’s easy to be tempted to indulge in a new experience with a newfound friend who shares your interest in music. Understand that you’re responsible for anything you put into your body and, like anything, should be careful about the source of what you ingest. Be sure you’re getting your cannabis (or anything else, for that matter) from a trusted source.


“Smart cannabis use is important,” Albina says. “If you live in a legalized state, make sure you know what you’re smoking and what’s in it. To avoid getting anything that’s laced with harmful ingredients, buy directly from a dispensary you trust.”


Make time for time-outs


And finally, just because you’ve chosen to embark on a sociable symphonic journey doesn’t mean you should forego some solo self-care time.


“Festivals can be really exhausting, particularly if you tend to be more introverted,” Albina shares. To avoid social burnout or overwhelm, she says, to make sure you’re creating space to meditate in the morning, taking breaks throughout the day to move away from the crowds or even journaling. Just be sure to take time for yourself.



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