Here's What To Do When You’re Too High

We’ve all been there; your heart starts pounding, your palms begin to sweat and just as the cottonmouth takes over, racing thoughts send you spiraling into paralyzing paranoia. “Is everyone looking at me?” “Can anyone tell I’m too high?” “How long have I been sitting here?” “Oh no, what if I’m stuck like this forever?” It’s then you realize, you’re way too high. Almost every cannabis lover has experienced a brush with being more stoned than desired. Luckily, we’ve got the best tips and tricks to calm you down from your potent THC high, whether you’ve eaten one too many weed gummies or dabbled with too many dabs. 
Conquering a bad trip starts and ends with your ability to recognize your thoughts. Once you understand that your high was induced and it will eventually end, you’re already on your way to controlling the moment. Learning to observe your thoughts without panicking is half the battle. 


Don’t panic and breathe 

We know this  is easier said than done. However, the minute you notice overwhelming thoughts and rapidly approaching anxiety, just stop and take a deep breath. Leave the room or go to the bathroom if necessary. Pause and inhale while counting to 10, then exhale and count to 10 again. Even one long, deep breath can help ground you and allow you to focus your thoughts and gather yourself.  

Drink a glass of water

Similar to breathing, sipping a cold glass of water can help take you out of your head and bring you into a less intense reality. Plus, leaving the location where you smoked or ate weed may bring a refreshing new energy into the scene.  

Turn on mellow music  

Bob Marley, Steel Pulse and Jack Johnson will be your new best friends when you’re too high. Put on a happy track and let the good vibes and upbeat tunes flow over you. It’s easy to forget your troubles with Bob’s “Three Little Birds” playing in the background. 

Watch a funny movie 

If uplifting music doesn’t do the trick, try flipping on a funny flick or watch your favorite sitcom. Even a hilarious comedy special can help distract and focus your mind on something more lighthearted. 

Take some CBD

We know the thought of ingesting more cannabis sounds counterintuitive, but CBD can be your savior when you’re looking to come off your cannabis cloud. CBD is often used to help soothe anxious thoughts, calm the mind and relax the body, and the same goes for your negative marijuana moods.  

Go for a walk 

Nothing beats fresh air in a frantic moment. When you’re too stoned, get out of the house and let a refreshing breeze blow you right out of your funk. Plus, the light exercise will send some much needed feel-good endorphins your way.  

Take a shower 

Never underestimate the soothing powers of a shower. Taking time to thoughtfully clean your body can also help cleanse your mind. If you’re up for it, try a lukewarm or cold shower to jolt your mind and body awake. 

Sleep it off 

Sleep is always a solid solution to rid any undesirable high, especially if an indica-leaning strain has you feeling drained. Curl up somewhere cozy and let sleep carry your stresses away. Even a quick 20-minute nap can re-energize your senses.  

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