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Limited Edition.

We’ve partnered with Uncrate, purveyors of the best gear for men, to create a fully custom limited-edition vapor pen for those seeking both premium product and high style. Fine craftsmanship and top-quality oil combine in this truly unique HIGHLIGHTER limited to 5000 pieces and presented in specially designed packaging.

This high-tech hardware is artfully designed and engineered for performance.

Highlighted with gunmetal accents, the stainless steel enclosure is PVD-plated for durability and houses an integrated ceramic heating element to ensure consistent heating and reliably clean, great-tasting vapor.


Inside is our premium cannabis oil that’s been gently refined and meticulously lab-tested for safety and consistency. As part of this collaboration, we introduce Calaveras, a custom 50/50 hybrid of two legendary strains—ACDC and Jack Herer—grown by BLOOM FARMS and named for the county where our roots lie.


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