Top 3 Yoga Retreats For Your Mind, Body and Heart

Maneuvering through the chaos of everyday life can often leave us in dire need of a reset. So what could be better than a vacation paired with yoga, sun and relaxation? 

Some yoga retreats can seem a bit indulgent or promise life-changing results at a steep price. After researching thousands of yoga retreats around the world, we discovered a select few that offered something for every level of yogi.  Here are our top three favorite yoga retreats that have been proven to serve your mind, body and heart. 



Olympus SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Yoga

Intention: Rest, relaxation and adventure

Where: Tulum, Mexico

Yoga on a paddle board… need we say more? Combining the beauty of the water with a meditative yoga practice makes this retreat an ultra-dreamy choice for the adventurous yogi. Olympus SUP features sunrise yoga classes followed by swimming with whale sharks, snorkeling, visiting neighboring islands and even spa treatments. The days conclude with either a sunset yoga or meditation and end with a communal group dinner. Breakfast and dinner are provided as part of the retreat cost. (Vegetarian options are available.)  

Why You Should Go

If you are looking to decompress to the tune of beautiful sunset yoga sessions and margaritas, this is your retreat. Too hungover to make it to class the next morning? No one is judging you.  Want to throw in an extra workout and eat vegan all week? I’m judging you just a little, but you can do it! 




Awakening Yoga Retreat By Revamp Retreats

Intention: Challenging yoga classes, building a sense of community

Where: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Building on your practice and pushing your mental and physical limits are a core themes on this retreat. After breakfast attendees participate in an extensive three-hour yoga session. Afterward, adventurous and not completely exhausted attendees can then venture out to go kayaking, ride horses and enjoy whale watching. If an outdoor activity doesn’t sound appealing, guests can also opt for lunch and lounging by the pool. A second (much shorter) hour-and-a-half yoga session is offered in the afternoon, followed by a healthy dinner. 

Why You Should Go

Bonding over shared physical strife is a great way to get to know people with their walls down.  “We all had to work extremely hard, pushed our limits and faced our fears at times while being upside down for what felt like forever,” one former guest recalls. The main takeaway from Awakening is to build strong sense of community alongside people from all around the globe.




Island Yoga – Healing the Heart Retreat

Intention: Healing and growth

Where: Noord, Aruba

This retreat goes beyond the yoga mat and digs deep into healing through heart-opening exercises for a complete mind, body and soul rejuvenation.  Led by Rachel Brathen and expert Shubhaa Fisher, this retreat is geared towards those seeking to overcome and heal internal wounds that may be stunting  their emotional growth. Offering group therapy sessions (think less sitting in a circle with coffee and more taking out your angst on a yoga bolster with 50 other women), silent time, journaling and meditation, retreat attendees get the chance to truly explore inward working through pain and fears with the intention of cleansing and healing. 

Why You Should Go

At times, after trauma or loss, we move on with our lives without allowing ourselves adequate time to grieve and heal This retreat is the perfect breath of fresh air for those looking to  reconnect with their inner selves. One guest who attended with the intention of processing the loss of her mother and her own transition into motherhood describes her experience as a raw, intense reflection from which a new foundation of love, connection and growth was laid. This is the ultimate “find yourself and find strength in community” retreat and perfect for the brave and emotionally willing yogi.  



Author: Eliza Lane

Eliza Lane is a teacher and new mom living in Redondo Beach, Calif. With a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, she surrounds herself with books, old and new, and finds inspiration in her community and new role as a mother. Eliza tries to incorporate laughter in her teaching and writing, and turns to the oceans and mountains when she needs to reset.

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