Why New Moms Keep Cannabis Out Of The Conversation

Marijuana and motherhood aren’t two things often spoken about in unison. As new moms stumble out of the sleepless haze that is the first few months of their baby’s arrival, the first instinct is to celebrate. For many, this means indulging in a crafty cocktail or a well-deserved nap.

In most of my conversations with fellow new moms, the subject of your first glass of wine almost always comes up. However, wine wasn’t what I missed. For me, cannabis has always been my favorite relaxation companion, the answer to soothing any ailment, and the warm balm to coat the end of a hard day.  

What shocked me even further was when I was finally asked about my first glass of wine, I failed to answer honestly. Why couldn’t I admit that I had been longing for my favorite flower friend instead of a glass of wine? 

In an effort to understand and inspire triumph over this looming cannabis stigma in the new sphere of motherhood, I will share three quick and simple reasons why moms don’t talk about their cannabis use and one big reason why we should.


Why We Don’t Talk About it:


The Cannabis Stigma Remains The Same

No one wants to be labeled as a bad mom.  As progressive as the societal views on cannabis have become, the stale stigma still lingers. Cannabis has yet to hit the level of acceptability that alcohol has, despite the negative effects associated with consuming alcohol. As helpful and healing as cannabis can be, the longstanding stereotypes stop us from even attempting to debate its use in place of alcohol. 


Motherhood = Martyrdom

It’s a sad truth, but there are still plenty of women out there who think that becoming a mother means becoming a robot. I love my kid so much. However, the extent I love my daughter doesn’t result in me having to give up everything from my pre-child life. We were whole humans before we had kids and we deserve to stay whole as mothers too. 


What Google Won’t Tell You

I am a research hound. I wanted to know everything about having a child. From understanding my baby’s different cries to how long I should breastfeed for. I wanted to know everything. So if you don’t think my Google search history didn’t have “cannabis and breastfeeding,” think again. However, what my hours of dedicated research did reveal was one interesting truth; the Internet can never be trusted. The Internet is a place where kids review products on YouTube for thousands of dollars, and people are rewarded for injuring themselves. Why would I take anything that I am reading on the Internet as fact with this kind charade going on? The World Wide Web should be best used as a resource for gathering as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. 

Oh and regarding moms and cannabis use? To this day there is still no sufficient research on marijuana and anything related to your postpartum self. Scientists, help us!


Why We Should:


Many aspects of who we are and who we are about to become shifts immensely as we step into motherhood. We endure irreversible body changes and sleepless nights. A new form of anxiety arises as we try to grasp the depths of our new responsibility. Raising a human from scratch can feel incredibly daunting and at times. If there’s a way to help soothe and comfort these new mom moments with cannabis, then it should be celebrated not dismissed and disrespected. 


Author: Eliza Lane

Eliza Lane is a teacher and new mom living in Redondo Beach, Calif. With a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, she surrounds herself with books, old and new, and finds inspiration in her community and new role as a mother. Eliza tries to incorporate laughter in her teaching and writing, and turns to the oceans and mountains when she needs to reset.

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