Pot Playlist: Best Stoner Albums To Listen To While You’re High

Weed and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. And no matter what style of peanut butter you prefer, there’s always a jelly flavor to fit your mood. Same goes for a stellar smoke session, which is never truly complete without a little tunage. We’ve put together the perfect pot playlist featuring some of the world’s greatest stoner albums, from groovy 60s rock ’n’ roll and soothing reggae to old school ’90s hip hop and everything in between. 

Now sit back, crank up the stereo and toke away to these weed-friendly jams. 

Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced

Let the radical guitar riffs of “Purple Haze” and the smooth vocals in “May This Be Love” send you off into marijuana music bliss with Jimi’s Are You Experienced. This album is more than the usual experience with mind-bending cover art, stimulating sounds and inspiring lyrics. You’ll have a hard time choosing your top track from this masterpiece. 

Listen to “Are You Experienced” after eating a happy stimulating hybrid. 

Bob Marley & The Wailers: Legend

A true icon in the weed world, Bob Marley is always a fan favorite when getting high. No matter what cannabis experience you’re looking for, Bob will probably set the perfect mood. Uplifting tracks like “Could You Be Loved” and “Three Little Birds” will send you into your stoner happy place, while motivating songs like “Get Up, Stand Up” and “Buffalo Soldier” will inspire you to get on your feet and move. 

Listen to “Stir It Up” with a wake and bake sativa-leaning strain. 

Sublime: 40oz. to Freedom 

Sublime sets the perfect stoner scene with comically catchy lyrics and steady rock riffs. You can’t go wrong with any Sublime song, but this album takes you through every weed-loving emotion with tracks like “Waiting For My Ruca” and “Badfish.” Grab your flower, pack a bowl and sing along to Sublime’s most classic album. 

Listen to “Smoke Two Joints” with a creativity-boosting bong rip. 


Dr. Dre: 2001 

You can’t consume cannabis without at least a little Dr. Dre. This album is jam-packed with heavy hip hop sound and poetically raw lyrics. Bob your head to these beats as you enjoy a chronic dose of Dr. Dre with a guest appearance from everyone’s favorite rapping stoner, Snoop Doggs. 

Listen to “The Next Episode” featuring Snoop Dogg with an indica-leaning blunt.

Grateful Dead: From The Mars Hotel

The Grateful Dead crank out one stoner hit after another and this album is no exception. With head-bobbing bangers like “Loose Lucy” and “Money Money,” this 1974 classic won’t disappoint. No matter what you’re smoking, the Grateful Dead deliver just what you need to hear. 

Listen to “Scarlet Begonias” with an uplifting sativa spliff. 


Lose yourself in the hazy sounds and heavenly vocals of this delightfully dizzying cross of alternative R&B and “neo soul.” This album is perfect for any time of day or night and will surely satisfy your every stoner music mood. Plus, tracks featuring Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar add to the weed-friendly rhythm and feel. 

Listen to “HiiiJack” while hitting a heady hybrid joint. 

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon 

The entertainly eerie and cosmically captivating sounds of Pink Floyd will still play in your head long after listening to this album. Toe-tapping tracks like “Money” and “Any Colour You Like” pair perfectly with the soothing psychedelic sounds of songs of “Us and Them” and “Eclipse.” Take a hit, throw on your headphones and escape into the Pink Floyd cosmos. 

Listen to “Breathe (In The Air)” with a couch-lock indica or stress-softening hybrid strain.  

Peter Tosh: Legalize It

Reggae hits the spot no matter how high you are. Peter Tosh remains a classic rasta music king with hits like “Johnny B. Goode” and “Wanted Dread or Alive.” But we wanted to pay proper homage and take it back to his ’70s roots with “Legalize It” for the ultimate stoner sound. Move to the upbeat rhythms of Peter Tosh’s pro-cannabis album first thing in the morning, while working at home or re-energizing in the afternoon. 

Listen to “Legalize It” while enjoying an energizing and uplifting sativa in the late afternoon. 

Tame Impala: Currents 

Let Tame Impala take you on a trip with their magical melodies and hypnotic choruses. You’ll want to play mind-altering numbers like “Past Life” and “Disciples” and euphoric tracks like “Love/Paranoia” and “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” for hours during your high. Once you’ve had a taste of Tame Impala’s unique stoner sounds, you’ll keep coming back for more.    

Listen to “Cause I’m A Man” while lying under a tree savoring your favorite feel-good hybrid. 

Mac Miller: K.I.D.S.

Even though Mac Miller wasn’t born until 1992, his 2010 album will bring all of your ’90s nostalgia to light, with its cool and collected sound and poetic flows. The sounds of Mac Miller never cease to amaze. With groundbreaking lyricism, this mixtape delivers some of the best heavy-hitting hip hop stoner magic you know and love. 

Listen to “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” with a mellow but intensely euphoric indica. 

alt-J: An Awesome Wave

alt-jThere’s never a dull moment with alt-J. Experimental sounds, cryptic vocals and mesmerizing melodies will pour from your speakers with every song on this album. Tracks like “Fitzpleasure” and “Breezeblocks” will have you reaching for another hit as you transcend your earthly senses into new musical dimensions.  

Listen to “Tessellate” while tripping on a potent thought-provoking indica strain.  

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