The Stylish Vapor Pen Accessory You’ve Been Waiting For: Introducing Bloom Farms’ Rose Gold pen set

We have some very exciting news to share here at Bloom Farms — an introduction of the newest member of our family!

Bloom Farms is proud to announce our latest model vapor pen — a Highlighter that is styled entirely in a luxurious rose gold finish. From our new pen’s signature metal mouthpiece to its newly designed battery, this high-gloss fashion accessory emphasizes both form and function.

“Our new rose gold pen marks a natural intersection of style, design and technology,” Bloom Farms CEO Michael Ray told his Bay Area-based staff this week. “I really can’t wait to get these out to our customers — they’re that beautiful.”

The new rose gold vapor pen set comes pre-loaded with 500 milligrams of 100% pure cannabis oil free of petroleum-based solvents and blended with our own all-natural cannabis-derived terpenes. The rose gold sets are available in Bloom Farms’ Anytime (hybrid) blend, which is the perfect combination to inspire relaxation, creativity and focus.

As always, we appreciate you joining us on our mission to help millions of people find relief, relaxation, creativity and happiness. Bloom Farms is a proud one-for-one company, and we pledge that for every product sold, we will donate one healthy meal to a food-insecure family or individual in need. Our goal is to donate 1-million meals in 365 days, and we’re almost there.

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