Single Origin

Introducing Our Single Origins



Introducing, Bloom Farms’ next single origin cartridge: Electra-Tsu. This cross between Electra and Tsunami is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred for high CBD rather than THC. These single origin cartridges contain a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio, meaning they’re extremely effective at treating pain and inflammation without that strong, couch-lock feeling so common with high THC strains.

Bloom Farms’ Electa-Tsu oil was created from plants grown along the San Juan Ridge located northeast of Sacramento in Nevada County. This strain has a musty, woody inhale with a sweet-tasting exhale; and an exceptional ability to treat pain, stress, and depression, without any anxiety or paranoid side effects.

Single Origin Reserve

Garberville is known as “the marijuana heartland of the U.S.” Cultivators here are all-stars in the industry and their recent harvest of Mango Kush is some of the best we’ve seen in years.

Mango Kush has a distinct fruity flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. When these dense, orange-haired buds are converted into Bloom Farms’ all-natural oil, the result is a perfectly balanced take on a classic strain. You can expect a relaxed and uplifted high from this Indica-dominant hybrid — the perfect medication for stress and pain relief. Garberville Mango Kush single-origin cartridges are available while supplies at your local dispensary.

Single Origin Reserve

Mountain Ranch is a small town in Calaveras County, CA established during the California Gold Rush. The population may be small, but the medical cannabis coming from this area is top-notch. Especially their OG Kush, which we have turned into our most recent single origin oil cartridge.

OG Kush is the genetic backbone of most West Coast cannabis varietals. The strain is cherished for its ability to completely eliminate stress while delivering heavy euphoria. Our oil retains the signature woody and lemony aromas of OG Kush, and finishes with an earthy, piney exhale. Medical patients lean on this strain for relief from migraines, stress, and attention disorders.