Setting the Gold Standard for Cannabis Manufacturing

How cannabis is manufactured is as important as how cannabis is grown. We are dedicated to responsible cannabis production—from soil to oil—and collaborating with the industry and legislators to maintain the safety of cannabis for consumers and high standards for its quality.











By opening our doors and inviting discussion with the people responsible for deciding how the cannabis industry should run, our facility tours serve as an additional layer of transparency of our meticulous quality control and help educate regulators at every level.


For our most recent tours of our Sacramento production facility, we welcomed representatives from Sac City Planning Commission, building department staff, Sacramento Police and members of the Office of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement. Also joining us were a team of 17 from the California Department of Public Health Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch.


We are proud to have earned a reputation as a “gold standard” operator and remain committed to operating in a transparent, inclusive way that furthers the objectives of responsible cannabis growers and manufacturers.



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