This Indoor Cannabis Farm Is Almost 100% Self-Sustaining

It is no secret that high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis is associated with extremely high use of energy and water. At Bloom Farms, partnering with farmers who equally value making great products and minimizing their carbon footprint is paramount.Sun-grown flower remains the most sustainable option, but the demand for specific bud traits that can typically only be produced indoors is always growing. Fortunately, California farmers are finding new methods to achieve the quality expected from indoor-grown flower while lessening environmental impact,  with results that rival traditional outdoor farms.  I was lucky enough to visit one of our partners who produce extremely high-quality herb that is sustainably grown indoors. Our tour was led by the three owners and operators, two of whom have backgrounds in renewable energy. The farm is almost entirely off the grid and completely self-sustaining. Energy-efficient LED light fixtures illuminate their “Tokyo style” double- and triple-stacked plants. Power is generated on-site using miniature natural gas turbines that produce electrical energy with much less loss than a standard power grid. If the power in the area is out, the farm continues to operate without interruption. The cool temperature that pot plants love is maintained using the cold water byproduct of their electrical system. The farm also recycles all of its water, which saves 3.5 million gallons annually. (They use a mere 1% of the water a typical grow of this size uses!) Additionally, only beneficial insects and essential oils are used for pest control. Arguably the best thing about this farm, though: the frogs that hang out in their vegetative room where the plants grow and are prepared for the flowering stage. On their commitment to sustainability, one of the owners said, “Because cannabis is such a new industry, we have the chance to do everything the right way from the beginning.” These guys are out to show Californians that it is possible to be environmentally conscious and produce the indoor-grown chronic that we have become accustomed to. We are so proud to partner with them.

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