Best Marijuana Brand that’s Donated a Million Meals to the Hungry

“As of press time, cannabis company Bloom Farms has actually donated a full 1,118,996 free meals to food-insecure individuals or families in need.”

Celebrate 420 In Style

The oil is a 50/50 custom hybrid known as Calaveras—blending the creativity enhancing Jack Herer strain and the pain combatting ACDC strain. It’s refined, lab-tested and design forward.

Bloom Farms: For the Socially Conscious Stoner

“For us, it’s not about getting as high as possible: it’s about enjoying cannabis in a responsible and healthy way, using it to enhance life.”

Marijuana Company Donates 1 Million Meals To Needy Californians

“Milestones like this go a long way to showing the impact cannabis companies can have and changing perceptions of the cannabis industry…”

Blue Planet II Is an Amazing Excuse for a Party

“Bloom Farms’s Rose Gold Highlighter vape pen (a hit from which is like having a glass of wine, not downing the whole bottle)….”

Some Marijuana Entrepreneurs See a Silver Lining After Threat From Justice Department

“What we need is Congress to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. Hopefully this will spur Congress to fix it…”

Launch Day shopping tips for all cannabis skill levels

“Entering a cannabis store in California for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Here’s what to shop for…”

9 High-Design Gifts Any Cannabis Enthusiast Will Love

“You know how the design team at Apple is always talking about a harmonious blend of design and technology? That’s what Bloom Farms has achieved with its new Highlighter Plus…”

Leafly’s Faves 2017: Vaporizers

“Beyond from its stunning color and design, we love the Rose Gold Vaporizer from Bloom Farms…”

Treat Yourself this Season to Premium Cannabis Flower and Oil

“Luxuriously finished in rose gold, Bloom Farms’ Highlighter vape pen features oil extracted with clean carbon dioxide, containing 50-70 percent THC…”

Executive Spotlight: Bloom Farms Sally Nichols

“It’s really our belief that cannabis as an agricultural product has the ability to be transformative for local, for agricultural communities and urban communities alike. It is also a socially responsible company…”

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

“Its gorgeous rose gold finish gives it a touch of luxury and elegance that sets it apart from other cannabis vape pens…”

Is California’s Weed Market Ready For Legalization After A Year Of Wildfires?

“Marijuana companies like Bloom Farms in San Francisco are marshaling ambitious donation efforts…”

Weed for the Holidays: Pot Gift Guide 2017

“Many vape pens look alike – but that doesn’t mean they’re created equal. Take, for example, the Bloom Farms line of highlighters…”

GreenState Cannabis Awards 2018

“From Calaveras and Sonoma County fire relief efforts, to its “1 for 1” food bank drives where every marijuana purchase equals a donated meal, Bloom Farms’ impact reaches far beyond its great vapes…”

Unique gifting ideas for the cannabis consumer on your holiday list

“Bloom Farms’ vape pen is styled entirely in a rose gold finish…this high-gloss fashion accessory emphasizes both form and function…”

Weed Warriors: Meet Six Women Shaping the Cannabis Industry

“I learned quickly that what we imagine as the face of cannabis was only scratching the surface..”

For the Stylish, Socially Conscious Purveyors of Legalized Cannabis, the Future Is Looking Very Green, Indeed

“The result is sleek and subtle and sufficiently tech-savvy…and is available with a substantive, rose gold sheen that wouldn’t look out of place peeking out of a Prada clutch.”

Nearly Half Who Use CBD Stop Taking Traditional Medicines

“Bloom Farms medicinal marijuana in vape cartridge form. It is the second biggest seller for marijuana derived CBD or cannabidiol…”

The Great Cannabis Clash of Calaveras County

“Calaveras really has the opportunity to be the Napa of cannabis…we could bring in tourism, hotels, restaurants.”

The future of cannabis is vaping – here’s how it works

“They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and discreet. In California, the largest state economy in the US, companies like Bloom Farms…are pioneering leaders in the cannabis oil market.”

Consumer Study Shows Which Cannabis Brands Are Winning The Design Race And Why

“It’s mostly about craftsmanship, about a brand looking professional and its image, visually balanced.”

How Cannabis Is Fueling a New Fitness Movement

“So why the sudden marriage of fitness and weed? It’s been happening for a long time…[Y]oga and cannabis have gone together for as long as yoga and cannabis have been around.”

Bloom Farms Brings Charity to Cannabis

“I wanted corporate social responsibility to be at the core of our company’s values…”

Concentrates are the future of cannabis

“Today we see concentrates are used in probably 95 percent of the branded products, Michael Ray, Founder and Executive Director at Bloom Farms…”

How Bloom Farms is Creating Community and Addressing California’s Hungry Families

“Not only are they disrupting the market with products like the PAX Era, but they are investing in their communities and industry in a big way…”

California cannabis companies are hiring. Interest is high at this job fair

“Everything is coming out of the shadows in the cannabis space,” Ray said. “And just like any other industry, we need an organized system to bring qualified job seekers together with top level brands.”

Doing Well by Doing Good

“Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of capitalism moving forward…”

This Ex-Banker Wants to Swap Your Chamomile for Cannabis

“It’s the new cocktail; it’s the new ladies’ night out…”


“For Mike and other marijuana growers in California’s Gold Country, catastrophe seemed inevitable.”

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