The New Girls’ Night Out: How Cannabis can make girls’ night a lot more meaningful (and a lot less drunk)

Girls’ Night can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. A common scene that comes to mind is all the girls getting cute and getting out—hitting the town, hitting the bars, dancing, and so on. A lot of times cocktails are involved. And why not? Who doesn’t love a cocktail with the ladies? Well actually, I have an answer for that: me.


I always call myself the worst cocktail date because I don’t like drinking. I will have a drink now and then, but I prefer to just have one. Two drinks are a little much for me, if I’m being real honest. Alcohol is not my jam. It makes my body hurt, my head hurt, and it always leaves me with fuzzy memories of time passed, which is distinctly dissatisfying for a connection junkie like myself.


As I moved through my late 20s and early 30s, I began to realize that most Girls Night adventures started out okay (I love getting dressed up and gathering with my women. That will never get old), but soon the evenings progressed into an impressive drinking binge on which the crew continued drinking until the bars closed (at best) or even later, depending on the situation. As the token non-drinker, I started getting a little bored by around 11-12 pm, when the drunkenness begins to peak. That’s when I’d leave, always feeling a little shortchanged on my Girls’ Night since I would be leaving everyone behind. I of course offered sober rides at my time of departure, but no one else wants to leave at peak drunk hour.


I’m happy to report that it doesn’t have to be this way: As I connect with more and more like minded women, my Girls’ Night horizons have expanded far beyond the glass walls of the bottle. Thanks to a world full of smart, conscious babes, as well as to a community and generation marked by increased access to medical marijuana, social gatherings continue to expend in new ways.


For a Girls’ Night that really feeds the spirit and nourishes the body, Cannabis is a perfect addition to the ritual. A Cannabis-infused night out guarantees less booze, more laughter, and a lot more conscious conversation and connection. Equally as enjoyable is Girls Night in, where Cannabis joins the party at home, and instead of tearing through bottles of wine, people ask for tea or water, drink their wine more slowly, and and sink into their relaxation without the darker allure of drunkenness. When it comes to soothing, feminine vibes, Cannabis is queen.


Inviting Cannabis to Girls’ Night is a revelation. Sure, there might be that awkward moment where you feel a little too stoned and self conscious, but that will force you to breathe deeply, sit down, and drink some water. How great is that? Cannabis inspires connection and conversations that will be remembered the next day and that may even lead to future relationships or collaborations. It also lends a mindful hand to gossipy tendencies, making sure that conversations are more loving and supportive to all womenkind (gotta serve the sisterhood). I’ve also noticed that it tends to cultivate creativity in a big way. Adding Cannabis vibes to the mix on ladies’ night can (and will) often lead to spontaneous crafting, collaging, clothing alterations, collaborative art pieces, or creative/spontaneous cooking projects. It will absolutely instigate rolling on the floor laughing (for real), or quite possibly running outside to smell the air and look at the moon.


It might inspire you all to pile into the car and go get sweaty on the local dance floor. You might have a drink once you’re out, but chances are good that you’ll feel so satisfied already that the booze won’t seem so essential. You’ll drink more slowly. You’ll get home safely. The next day, you’ll be happy about all the decisions you made, and you will wake up in the morning feeling so not-hungover, it might just make you want to go for a hike or hop on your bike or something crazy like that.


The best part is that you will laugh, laugh, laugh. You will feel love rise up from your belly like a balloon into your heart. It lets the light in.

Sadie Rose Casey is a writer and creative project manager in Northern California. She works with women to make creative dreams come true.

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