What You Need To Know Before Cruising to Coachella


Here we go!—onward into another frenzied festival season, and it all starts at Indio’s Empire Polo Club grounds for the eighteenth year of Coachella. The mega-fest, produced by Goldenvoice, has booked massive talent since inception and has earned world-wide credit for its all-star cameos and Super Bowl Halftime Show-level production.

This year’s bill-toppers include Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, and Lady Gaga in lieu of the slay queen, Beyoncé, who is expecting twins this summer. The hype never stops at the large font, though (full lineup below). With such a stacked slate each year, the biggest rub at Coachella is finding which artists to invest your time in and which ones to forego. This can cause extreme selection anxiety and Coachella’s continued ban on cannabis use—yep, even for medical marijuana card holders—doesn’t help. (Although, small to mid-sized vape pens are permitted —see Rules & Info)

Sure, many guides flood the internet with promise to curtail the FOMO. Pro Tip: Save yourself from the chafing, exhaustion, and frustration of running suicide sprints trying to catch every artist while keeping your crew intact. Any ‘chella vet will advise: Let spontaneity be your guide. The more you let go of your well-intentioned plans, the more robust experience you will find. This much we promise.  

That being said, there is one feature of Coachella that is not to be missed. Welcome to the Do LaB Tent. As the Polo Grounds will surely face a relentless barrage of gorgeous golden rays, overheating is a real danger at Coachella. The Do LaB Tent provides a full color-wheel of shade structures, steady-blasting water cannons, and the best dance music line-up of the whole fest.


“…It’s an introduction,” Do LaB co-founder, Dede Flemming, told a local SF publication while lounging in the cool grass behind the Do LaB’s stage. “A lot of people come here for that Coachella experience, make a left turn and say ‘what just happened!?’” With pride-filled eyes, Flemming continued, “A lot of feedback that we’ve gotten over the years—from so many people—is they came here and it changed their perspective on life. Because they were wowed by the structure. They were wowed by the experience and the whole package. They go home and think, ‘I went to college for business… but I can do something else! I can get creative.’—and they try a different thing.”

The Do LaB started at Coachella, year two, as an art installation—a 60-foot dome fit with a waterfall and a renegade stage. Seventeen years later, the Do LaB Tent is Coachella’s staple oasis and a perfect introduction to what awaits at the Do LaB’s own Lightning in a Bottle festival. Do yourself a favor and spend some time soaking in the vibes and making friends at the Do LaB Tent. See you in Indio, Bloom fam!

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