Cannabis 101: The Best Methods to Enjoy Cannabis

When it comes to consuming cannabis, we all have our favorite methods. We’re not here to tell anyone they’re doing it wrong, but there’s definitely a few ways we can all enjoy cannabis safer and healthier when in a social setting.



The cannabis world is changing rapidly. Dime bags don’t exist anymore, potency has skyrocketed, and the days of sticks and stems in your bud are gone. Though some of these changes might give you pangs of nostalgia, one development in the industry has been almost universally accepted with open arms: vaporizing.


Vaporizing > Smoking

This alternative to smoking heats cannabis oil to about 337 Fahrenheit, just above the temperature where inhalable vapors are produced. The classic method of torching cannabis with a lighter produces more than 50 known carcinogens, nearly all of which are a direct result of the chemicals in the lighting apparatus and the high temperature smoke. By eliminating the flame and reducing the temperature, vaporizing is scientifically proven to be a healthier alternative to smoking:


Donald I. Abrams, a professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, reported in 2007 in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, “there was virtually no exposure to harmful combustion products” using vaporizers.


“[The] study demonstrates an alternative method that gives patients the same effects and allows controlled dosing but without inhalation of the toxic products in smoke,” said Abrams.



Edibles are another option for safe and discrete cannabis use that requires zero inhalation. Some of the biggest critics of the legal cannabis movement have used edibles as an example of how unsafe and terrifying cannabis can be. Of course, those claims are taken out of context and spun to discredit the industry. Though it is true edibles can be sneaky, so care must be taken.


Always be sure to know the recommended dose of an edible. You don’t want to be like the foolish New York Times opinion writer who ate a bit too much of her candy bar. Rule #1 with edibles: never double down if you aren’t feeling it. Just wait, the edible will come on, give it time.


Topical Oils

Cannabis oils are fairly new to the mainstream and have found a cozy home at the intersection of sex and cannabis. But topicals have many other relevant uses outside of sexual stimulation.


These cannabis-infused oils are absorbed through the skin for on-the-spot relief of soreness, inflammation, and pain. Topicals won’t get you “high”, but instead provide therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the cerebral euphoria. Check out Leafly’s video below to learn more about how cannabis-infused topicals work:



We are not condoning smoking in public. Though we believe that everyone has the freedom to medicate in public, the laws are behind the times and you can find yourself in serious trouble for not being conscious of your surroundings. Always make sure, if you’re considering medicating in public, that you do so safely and responsibly in accordance with your local laws.


There’s no safer way to medicate than with a vaporizer. At brunch, in the club, or on your walk home from work; there’s no better way. Vaporizers are nearly scentless, deliver a consistent dose, and are easy to carry. If you’re new to vaping, the best overall pen on the market is our very own Highlighter. Find a dispensary near you that sells the Highlighter here.


The Best Place to Medicate

Go on a hike. Find a place where it’s only you, your hiking buds, and the trees. There is no better place in the world to medicate than deep in nature. It’s where cannabis belongs.


Okay, maybe you don’t have the luxury of nature. Where’s the best place to medicate when you live and work in the city? Many cities now have cannabis bars. Find one near you and go meet some like-minded people. Or you could keep it in your own private property. Invite over some friends and relax in a controlled environment.


No matter how or where you choose to medicate, always do so safely and responsibly.

Author: Evan Thompson

With a proclivity for risk-taking and an intimate knowledge of San Francisco’s landscape, Evan goes the extra mile, shooting images that capture the mystique and majesty of the Bay Area.

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