Introducing The New HIGHLIGHTER PLUS Vapor Pens – Cannabis Extracts Finally Achieve Nirvana

We’ve updated our bestselling Vapor Pen with the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS. It’s packed with advanced technology, a more powerful Battery, and THC Distillate-Fueled Cartridges.


The HIGHLIGHTER PLUS, represents a monolithic advancement in vaporization technology through upgrades to the vapor pen’s heating element, battery, cannabis oil and overall aesthetic.


The groundbreaking cartridges that were specially designed for the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS feature a porous ceramic wick that has a fully-integrated coil heating element embedded into the ceramic. This advancement in BLOOM FARMS’ vapor pen technology allows for a clean and even heating of the cannabis oil, so patients aren’t burning the cannabis oil — they’re vaporizing it at a low and consistent temperature.

“The original HIGHLIGHTER is a great selling vapor pen in California, but at BLOOM FARMS our core values compel us to always be improving on what we’ve already done,” said BLOOM FARMS CEO Michael Ray.


“We’re always pushing ourselves to create innovative, cutting-edge products that take legal cannabis to new levels, and that’s where the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS is taking us. While this new vapor pen was inspired by the original, the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS sets a new standard for the industry.”


Inside every HIGHLIGHTER PLUS cartridge is a special blend of premium, high-potency cannabis distillate testing between 75-90 percent THC content. The viscous THC distillate — which has been gently refined, meticulously lab tested and blended with cannabis-derived terpenes and no additional additives — is packaged in an FDA-approved, BPA-free tank.


HIGHLIGHTER PLUS cartridges are available in BLOOM FARMS’ signature primary blends: Daytime (sativa), Nighttime (indica) and Anytime (hybrid). Strain specific single-origin varietals are expected soon thereafter.

“We wanted to think outside the box when we approached the creation of the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS,” said Eric Kotch, vice president of product development at BLOOM FARMS.


“Not only did we upgrade our vape pen with entirely new hardware, including our fully-integrated ceramic wick, but we also paired the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS with a completely different cannabis extract. While our original HIGHLIGHTER uses winterized cannabis oil, the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS was built to handle a much higher-potency cannabis distillate.”


“This is a complete reinvention of cannabis vapor delivery systems.”


Part of that reinvention revolves around a powerful, new battery that generates up to 10 watts — emphasizing consistent power over irregular heat. Thanks to the new battery, the HIGHLIGHTER PLUS experience means a better vapor plume, a more substantial dose and a more consistent draw with the new THC distillate.


The HIGHLIGHTER PLUS takes its aesthetic cues from the original HIGHLIGHTER, with its pencil-thin, sleek design and an added twist. The new vapor pen features a luxurious plated stainless steel finish with a polycarbonate mouthpiece and a precision-etched enclosure for a product that marries form and function.


The HIGHLIGHTER PLUS represents the next phase of BLOOM FARMS’ mission to help millions of people find relief, relaxation, creativity and happiness. For more information visit us here.


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