Bloom Farms

Bedhead OG 5:1

INDICA Live Resin + Cannabinol

Say hello to your new nighttime bud… an indica-leaning sweet and savory concentrate boosted with potent CBN, perfect for winding down.

Dream Without Compromise

You know all about THC and CBD. Say  hello  Goodnight to CBN.

As recently reported by Rolling Stone, “Cannabinol… is quickly becoming 2020’s best alternative to sleeping pills.” (P.S. Thanks for the shout out!)

Bloom Farms Bedhead OG 5:1

Deep Indica

the pure indulgence of supreme relaxation

Potent Cannabinol

plus the “sleepy cannabinoid” for boosted sedative effects

Dreamy Terpenes

on a cloud of dark, earthy vanilla and burnt sugar with light gas

Cannabinol, or CBN for short, is a molecule derived from cannabis that is reputed to have exceptional relaxing and sedative properties. Although it occurs at a much lower concentration than more famous cannabinoids THC and CBD, CBN is considered one of the “Big Six,” the most notable of over 100 identified to date.

CBN: A Closer Look

Dream Without Compromise

Proper sleep hygiene can go a long way toward improving your rest and reaping the benefits of good sleep. But sometimes it’s not enough. That’s where CBN comes in.

Sleep Hygiene

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