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Safe, Easy-to-Use Cartridge

  • Each complete set includes a 500mg cartridge of BLOOM FARMS cannabis oil.
  • 500mg replacement and Single Origin cartridges are available separately.
  • Every cartridge is FDA-grade and BPA-free for safety.
  • The cartridge screws onto the battery pen for mess-free vaporization.

True Full-Spectrum Oil

  • No artificial flavors. No additives. Just 100% pure all-natural cannabis oil.
  • Our cannabis is grown by farmers who care about the plant, the environment and you.
  • Oils vary from light to dark golden color and differ in flavor depending on the source plants’ terpene profiles.
  • Every batch of oil is meticulously lab-tested for safety—and we exceed state standards.

Reliable, Powerful Battery

  • Vaporization is breath-activated: Simply inhale to vaporize.
  • LED indicator tip glows after seven seconds to indicate a full inhale.
  • USB battery quickly charges in about an hour.

Usage and Maintenance

Taste the terpenes

Vaporizer pen is designed to be enjoyed straight out of the box.

  • For optimal flow, hold to mouth at a 45-degree angle.
  • Inhale slowly and evenly. The LED lights flash to indicate an ideal inhale.
  • Take your time to learn your correct dosage.
  • Start with ONE small inhale and wait 5-10 minutes to let the effects set in.
  • Add more puffs like you might sip a glass of wine.
  • Stop when you feel good!

The battery can be easily and quickly charged when necessary.

  • Unscrew the mouthpiece/cartridge and set aside.
  • Screw on the included USB charger.
  • Plug into an available laptop or desktop USB port.
  • Battery lights illuminate during charging, then flash and turn off when full.
  • A full charge takes approximately one hour.
  • For best results, keep it charged—but do not charge overnight.

If you have any issues, contact us right away!


Daytime (Sativa):

This uplifting and stimulating blend is made of sativa cannabis strains. For most people, Daytime (Sativa) is ideal for daytime use since it tends to boost energy, mental stimulation and creativity. It’s most often used in mornings and afternoons to enhance well-being and tackle the day.

Nighttime (Indica):

A calm and relaxing blend of indica cannabis plants, Nighttime (Indica) is ideal for helping wind down the day. Known to promote full-body relaxation, tension and pain relief, Nighttime is a popular choice to encourage evening restfulness and is often used as a soothing sleep aid.

Anytime (Hybrid):

This blend of hybrid plants delivers the best sativa and indica qualities for a well-rounded experience of both uplift and relief. Anytime (Hybrid) was designed for round-the-clock use for those seeking the perfect balance of inspired creativity, focus and happy, tension-free relaxation.

Single Origin:

Like wines or chocolates, Single Origin oils are curated to showcase the unique profiles of individual plant strains grown in specific geographic regions by dedicated farmers. In addition to flavor notes, we share cannabinoid analysis and terpene breakdown for the true cannabis connoisseur.


On the back of every BLOOM FARMS product, you will find a section that lists THC, CBD, and batch number.

Each BLOOM FARMS product package includes a section with its THC content, CBD content and batch number (BN) next to its barcode. Plants are unique, so this content varies not only by strain, but also by batch.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid that gives cannabis its characteristic psychoactive effect. CBD (cannabidiol) is mostly known for its soothing, relieving properties and is non-psychoactive. Along with other cannabinoids and terpenes (the compounds that shape a plant’s aroma and flavor), THC and CBD work synergistically in an effort called the “entourage effect.” Slight variances in the terpene profile and cannabinoid content of source plants account for the nuanced differences in flavor and color from batch to batch.

Typical THC content ranges can be found on our product page. Refer to the product box for actual THC and CBD content of the batch.