Here's How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Smoking a joint is one of the most common ways to consume cannabis and remains a celebrated communal pastime for weed enthusiasts. There are many schools of thought when it comes to making a doobie, but one thing is certain, every cannabis smoker should learn how to roll a proper joint. All you need is a gram of your favorite flower, rolling papers, heavy paper and your two hands. 
With a little help from our friends at Leafly, we’ve created instructions for rolling the perfect J in five easy steps. 

Step 1  – Break up the weed 

Crush up your fresh flower into rollable “shake.” You can use your hands or a grinder to grind up your weed. Hands will work just fine, but a grinder will keep the gooey weed resin from sticking to your fingers. 

Step 2  – Create crutch 

Photo via Leafly

Before rolling, you need to add a “crutch,” also known as a filter or tip. This acts as a mouthpiece, keeping rogue marijuana pieces from flying into your mouth while smoking and providing a place to hold and pass your joint. A common crutch choice is a piece of cardboard-like paper from the rolling paper pack, but you can also make a crutch out of any sturdy paper like an index card, manila folder or business card. You can also buy pre-made tips. Fold the crutch paper three to four times so it creates an M-shape. Once folded, roll the crutch like a mini burrito once or twice around until you have a tube-looking crutch.   

Step 3  – Fill the joint
Once you’ve created your crutch, take a single joint paper and place the crutch in the center fold at one of the short edges of the paper. Next, fill the joint with your crushed flower. A half-gram to a gram is all you should need. 

Step 4  – Form and roll the joint 

Begin to shape the joint by running your fingers along the bottom and top, compacting the shake and crutch in the paper. Once compacted, it’s time to roll. Pinch the joint paper between your fingers and begin rolling the filled joint paper back and forth, forming the paper into a cone shape. Starting with the crutch side, tuck the non-sticky side of the paper into the cone and continue rolling. Once you’ve reached the edge, lick the remaining sticky paper side and roll the joint until you can secure the sticky side onto the outside of the paper to seal it. 

Step 5 – Toke away
After sealing your joint, poke the end with a pen or even the tip of a shoelace. This will further compact and secure any loose cannabis into your joint. Then grab your lighter, spark it up and enjoy! 

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