How to Avoid Getting Too High and How To Manage Once You're There

So you’ve consumed too much cannabis. Perhaps you ate an edible you haven’t tried before. Or maybe you took your first dab. Either way, this feeling can strike anxiety, terror or a general sense of discomfort, even in the most seasoned of users. It happens to the best of us and it’s a part of the process of discovering our own personal “goldilocks zone,” in terms of tolerance.
The most important thing to remember is that no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose and this feeling will definitely pass with the help of the following remedies.
Here are some suggestions for when the THC hits a little too hard:

Start Low And Go Slow

When getting started, if you’re trying something you haven’t already experimented with before, the best thing to do is to pace yourself. With edibles, you can always eat more, not less, especially since the effects are delayed when smoking vs. ingesting. Edibles have much different effects for different people, so if a friend is saying 25mg is enough for him/her, it might be way too much for you. With edibles, it’s best to dose 5-10mg at a time. Wait a few hours, then eat more. It’s a learning curve and knowing your limits is half the battle. Edibles also affect the system depending on how much food you have in your belly. Medicating with edibles on an empty stomach means it will hit much quicker and might feel stronger.

With concentrates, it’s probably not a good idea to dab a high-potency extract if you’re used to smoking flower all the time. The Highlighter pen is a great intro to concentrates, as we keep our potency around 55%. Try taking 1-2 puffs and go from there.

Experiment In A Comfortable Setting

The best time and place to experiment with new ways of consuming cannabis is in the safety of your own home or around people you know and trust. Too much stimulation from a public place or a loud party can trigger some intense anxiety symptoms you might not be equipped to deal with. A calm and quiet environment is an ideal way to test the limits of altering your consciousness.

Is This What Dying Feels Like?

Despite your best efforts to dose comfortably, the panic is starting to set in. You can feel your heart start to race, and your body trembles. Your thoughts are firing off a mile a minute and your breathing becomes short. You can’t see straight and time is moving at an unimaginably slow pace. What is happening?

You’ve crossed the threshold, but fear not because you’re 100% not dying. At this point, remember to breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, then exhale for 5 seconds. Focus on your breath and if it helps, get up and do some stretching while you’re at it.

If The High Hands You Lemons…

If you don’t feel better after a few minutes of light stretching and concentrated breathing, pour a glass of water with lemon or make yourself a cup of some calming tea. Not only will the hydration reverse the inevitable dry mouth associated with cannabis (aka “cottonmouth”), the terpenes in lemons will help counteract the psychoactive effects. Drinking water and consuming acidic fruits is an ancient remedy used to tame the effects of THC. Another natural anecdote is eating a peppery snack. You’re probably hungry anyway!

Get Up And Move

Cannabis can sometimes include a hyper-stimulating effect, otherwise known as “ants in the pants.” A good way to combat the wiggles, especially when produced from a more sativa-leaning product, is just to get up and move. Go for a walk or a hike and feel the anxiety melt as endorphins are produced. Or maybe you can even reach new heights with Ganga Yoga. Use caution with the method of exercise if you’re feeling dizzy — i.e. maybe don’t go for a bike ride or drive to the gym if you can’t see straight. Either way, getting up and moving can enhance the positive effects of a THC high.

Hair of the Dog

It may seem counterintuitive to take in more cannabis, but if you have some High-CBD product laying around, try ingesting some to relieve the panic. CBD has been shown counteract the negative effects of THC, and is specifically used for treating anti-anxiety symptoms. CBD is also used as an anti-psychotic and an anti-spasmodic, so it will definitely calm the effects on the mind and the body.

Count The Sheep

If you’re still feeling uncomfortable, it may be time to call it a night. Sleep may be the best medicine for you. Put on some soothing sounds, take an IBUProfen and drift off into dreamland. You’ll eventually fall into a deep sleep, but fair warning, it may be a little hard to wake up in the morning thanks to the hash hangover. However, it’s not like an alcohol hangover where your whole body hurts all day– more like a dull grogginess that goes away after a cup of coffee.

What are YOUR best remedies for feeling uncomfortably high?

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