“High” Tech: 9 Cool Cannabis Gadgets That Will Change Your Weed Game

Weed is cool, but what makes it even cooler are the high-tech cannabis gadgets you can use to consume it. If you’re a seasoned stoner, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of fancy roach clips, trippy metal grinders and kitschy joint rollers. But in our technology-driven world, there’s never a shortage of creativity when it comes to inventions, especially in the cannabis world. 
No matter what your pot-smoking preferences are, there’s always a new and intriguing weed widget for you to try. Check out these nine tools that are sure to elevate your next cannabis experience. 

Banana Bros. OTTO Automatic Grinder & Cone Filler

Rolling a joint with sticky resin fingers can be incredibly annoying. Now you can take the stress out of hand-grinding and rolling your cannabis with the Banana Bros. OTTO Automatic Grinder & Cone Filler. You’ll not only spare your fingers from gooey flower residue, but you’ll also save time and weed. This handy utensil is rated five-stars by customers for its ability to grind and fill “a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button.” The OTTO can also be used to fill bowls, pipes or any stash container. 

Shop – $129.99


Green Jay E-Lighterx

If you’ve smoked weed outdoors, then you’ve definitely experienced the frustration of trying to spark up with even the slightest breeze. Now you can light up any blunt or bowl with ease, no matter the weather, with the wind-proof Green Jay E-Lighter. This rechargeable lighter-of-all-lighters will not only have your back in unfavorable smoking conditions, but its combustion-free solution will light your joints wherever you go, time and time again. 

Shop – $25


Heir Waterpipe 

“It’s not about smoking, but the experience of winding down, sharing the company of others and taking a moment to pause.” Dubbed the “designer bong,” the Heir Waterpipe creates the ultimate smoke session. This clean and contemporary pipe is completely free of drag and offers cooled hit, thanks to its heat-resistant ceramic and multi-slotted downstem. Heir bongs are built to last a lifetime through “beautiful, functional and innovative design.”

Shop – $260 


Edibles Cookbook

Say goodbye to those weak-tasting weed brownies. This critically acclaimed cookbook is here to bring your edible game to new highs. Now you can confidently venture beyond the traditional  but tired magic brownies with Edibles. Try your hand at mouth-watering low-dose cannabis eats that’ll also expand your culinary horizons, from roasted hummus to sweet cake bites and everything in between. Make a batch to share or enjoy getting toasted on your own treats for every meal. 

Shop – $28.10


 LEVO I Oil Infuser 


If you are looking to infuse more than edible essentials the LEVO is the diffuser for you. With LEVO, “you don’t need to be a trained chef, beautician, or chemist to enjoy the benefits of herbal infusion.” Now you can safely infuse your favorite lotions, beauty products as well as oils, butters, fruit and more with the touch of a button. Using precise temperature and smell control technology, the LEVO Oil Diffuser allows you to create unique cannabis creations free from additives, solvents or emulsifiers and enjoy a swift clean-up with dishwasher-safe components. Plus, the savvy “Silicone Stirrer” minimizes aeration, increasing the shelf life of your infusion.

Shop – $129.00


Stündenglass Gravity Bong

What stoner doesn’t love a sweet gravity bong? Now you can enjoy the heavy-hitting powers of a gravity bong in an impressive 360-degree rotating glass hookah made from the highest quality materials, including borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. This sophisticated smoking device is designed with versatility in mind, featuring a three-foot silicone hose that can be connected for a powerful punch of THC. If you’re looking to update your bong game and have a healthy budget, we highly suggest this luxury glass Stündenglass Gravity Bong. 

Shop – $499.95


Ardent FX 

You haven’t made edibles until you’ve tried the Ardent FX. Named the “Easy Bake” Ardent, this multi-purpose ganja gadget is an “all-in-one activation, infusion, melting and baking” appliance requiring no prior cooking or baking experience to use. Just two buttons and four settings make your edible dreams come true. Simply add your favorite weed plant material (flower, kief or concentrate), infuse and cook your way to the best-tasting edibles you’ve ever created, with no kitchen appliances needed. 

Shop – $350


Tetra Nomad Pipe

Stoner smoking technology is all about simplicity and convenience, which is exactly how Tetra likes to roll with the Nomad Travel Pipe. Now smoking on the go is even easier with this cool, compact brass and aluminum travel pipe that “swings open with the push of a finger, revealing a spring-loaded bat and a trough beneath for storing smoking material.” Plus, the sleek and discreet design makes it ideal for grabbing, smoking and storing no matter where you go.
 Shop – $80 

GRAV® Glass Blunt w/ Silicone Grommet

Blunts remain a celebrated pastime for many and remain a great way to share weed your friends. But if you want to skip the trouble of grinding, rolling and sparking a blunt but want the same high, this GRAV® Glass Blunt w/ Silicone Grommet will pack the same THC punch at an affordable price. Loved for its powerful draw and quick-hitting effects, this glass blunt also comes equipped with a strategic mouthpiece stem to prevent herb from entering the mouthpiece and flying into your mouth. 
Shop – $9.99

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