High Fashion: Top 11 Stoner Style Brands To Wear Now

Weed can make you feel good, but it can also make you look good. Stoner style has taken the world by storm with trippy tie-dye tees, groovy floral button-ups, pot-painted socks and galactic bud hoodies in tow. While there are tons of apparel lines to choose from, we suggest checking out this list of magical marijuana-inspired clothing brands to help you start looking as good as you feel.


Bored Teenager 


It takes a stoner to know a stoner, and pot-loving comedian and fashion designer Blake Anderson is that stoner. Best known for his starring role on the notorious weed-fueled TV show “Workaholics,” Anderson is always spotted sporting vibrant hues, trippy graphics and a dash of tie dye. Bored Teenager is the perfect embodiment of the “good-vibes-only” toker and offers unique eye-catching colors and mood-boosting branding.  

Shop – boredteenager.com

Follow – instagram.com/teenage/


Sugarhigh Lovestoned 


“Thank you for pot smoking” is a beloved slogan often used by this brand, and we couldn’t agree more. Sugarhigh Lovestoned is for the vibey, nature-loving stoner with a witty sense of humor and a deep love for Mother Earth. Whether you’re donning their shiny Pot Fairy baseball jacket or kicking back in their cotton Stoned in Nature tee, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy from head to toe.  

Shop – sugarhighlovestoned.com

Follow – instagram.com/sugarhighlovestoned



Mowgli Surf 


Graffiti fast food art, sun-bleached long sleeves, tie-dye trunks and radical iron-on patches are just a little of what you’ll find with this bitchin’ Southern California brand. For the surfing stoners looking to match their clothing with their many marijuana moods, Mowgli Surf has it all. “Be an enemy of the average” and cop the perfect mood-boosting apparel that’s all about excitement, adventure and fun. 

Shop – mowglisurf.com

Follow – instagram.com/mowglisurf



Miracle Eye 

Your wildest ’60s and ’70s stoner style dreams come to life with the hippie-inspired Miracle Eye brand. Think felt fringe, flower power pride, eye-popping hues and feel-good graphics galore for the retro stoner looking to look as fly as they feel. Crank up the tunes, spark a joint and boogie down in these trendy threads. Their online store offers tailored new fashions that just feel like throwbacks as well as rare vintage pieces for the purist. 

Shop – shopmiracleeye.com

Follow – instagram.com/miracleeye



HUF 420 Collection


While HUF has already been kicking ass and taking names in the fashion world, they gained even more popularity with the weed community for their cannabis capsule collection. Leaf-covered socks, notable nug button-ups and galaxy strain graphic tees are just a few of the favorites from this line. Celebrate your inner green thumb and snag some of these stoner selects that are perfect for those with an ultra casual vibe. 

Shop – hufworldwide.com/huf_en_us/collections/420

Follow – instagram.com/hufworldwide



Letter Shoppe 


Positive messaging and weed—what could be better? At the Letter Shoppe, you can find dozens of graphic tees and home goods printed with your favorite stoner slogans and graphics while supporting mind and body wellness and women’s empowerment. Wear your love for cannabis loud and proud every day of the week with this stellar collection. And remember, friends, “Pass joints, not judgment!” 

Shop – lettershoppe.com

Follow – instagram.com/lettershoppe



Bob Marley Shop 


You can’t think of weed without thinking of the Rasta king himself. Bob Marley left behind a timeless legacy of music and philosophical inspiration that continues to provide us with endless appreciation for life and, of course, cannabis. Salute everyone’s favorite reggae ganja guru with classic Bob Marley apparel, from green, yellow and red socks and tees that echo his Jamaican pride to “one love” scarves, hoodies and even baby onesies.  

Shop – shop.bobmarley.com

Follow – instagram.com/bobmarley



Mister Green 

high-fashion-stoner-style-top-11-weed-brands-to-wear-now-mister-greenMister Green is here to brighten your day, wardrobe and smoking style with elevated California stoner swag. This Los Angeles-born brand offers cool, calm and cutting-edge pieces from rose-tinted shades and groovy green caps to celebratory 4/20 tees, pants, shorts, sweats, socks and hats—a catalog of products “built for leisure time at home.” Start dressing like the stylish stoner you always wanted to be with Mister Green. 

Shop – green-mister.com/shop

Follow – instagram.com/shopmistergreen/



high-fashion-stoner-style-top-11-weed-brands-to-wear-now-stoner-daysEver dreamed of wearing a shirt featuring a stoned Willy Wonka paired with some dab art socks while you drink out of a bong-hitting bear mug? Well, now you can, thanks to StonerDays! This brilliantly blissed out store offers nearly all the creative cannabis-related clothing and accessories your stoned mind can imagine in just about every shape, size, cut and color. Plus, their Instagram is filled with hilarious marijuana memes that will have you cackling through your cannabis high for hours. 

Shop – shop.stonerdays.com

Follow – instagram.com/stonerdays



Free & Easy 


No better way to share your mellow marijuana mindset with the world than with the clean and classic Free & Easy brand fit for every stoner style. Loved for their calming color palette, comfortable cotton tees and carefree slogans, this Southern California company wraps all of their cannabis-loving customers in cozy love and care. So don’t trip. Throw on your favorite cannabis coverings, spark a spliff and let the good times roll. 

Shop – freeandeasy.la

Follow – instagram.com/freeandeasy



The Grateful Dead 


Everyone needs a good grungy band tee. Correction: Everyone needs a good Grateful Dead grungy band tee. Lucky for all you rock and roll stoners out there, this band offers apparel and accessories featuring a modern take on classic bright tie-dye, legendary lyrics and, of course, their iconic trippy skeleton art. With their Workingman’s Dead dog coat, even your pet can get in on the Deadhead fashion. 

Shop – store.dead.net/apparel.html

Follow – instagram.com/gratefuldead/


Author: Valeri Spiwak

Valeri SpiwakBorn and raised by the beach in Southern California, Valeri Spiwak lives and breathes West Coast culture and its surrounding artistic charm. Valeri, with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and a Minor in French, continuously seeks to explore the beautiful and obscure, and shares her adventures through captivating wordplay, clever writing and skillful copy.

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