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My name is Ted Rheingold and last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic carcinoma. I began using Rick Simpson Oil, a highly concentrated THC/CBD combo commonly recommended for cancer patients. I used this oil while undergoing chemotherapy to manage the pain and stimulate my appetite as I was drastically underweight, but dialing-in the proper dosage was highly elusive.

Some days it was great, other days I would take it twice and feel no effect. My oncologists approved of my medicating with cannabis, but unlike the rest of my pharmaceutical regimen, they had no advice to offer about how much I should take, how I should take it, or about what time of day would be ideal because they rely on research to guide their very complex therapies. I realized that what I really needed was a medical doctor with special knowledge of cannabis, but I met continuous struggles in my efforts to find one.

“I realized that what I really needed was a medical doctor with special knowledge of cannabis, but I met continuous struggles in my efforts to find one.”

I spoke with one hospice that would charge me $8000/mo for a full dosage and I didn’t feel that desperate yet. Everything is very hard to accomplish when you’re deathly ill, but in my daze I would search online reading any story I could find from patients in my situation. I often found myself in drug forums reading through threads with titles like, “how to crush your anti-crush morphine and snort it”, or sifting through psychedelic pot leaf gifs. I pass no judgment and was grateful for anyone that shared their story, but it was next to impossible to find trustworthy and relevant to my very complex situation.

I’ve made a dramatic recovery thanks to a new immunological therapy and amazing cancer researchers, doctors, and nurses. Still, it frustrates me to know that so many barriers stand between other patients around the world that could be finding consistent relief from medicinal marijuana, so I’ve started

Patients Together use the wisdom-of-the-masses to anonymously aggregate current patients’ successful medical marijuana experiences so in the future any patient could simply type in all the specifics of their situation, and receive a list of what treatment methods have been most helpful in return. Until every patient has access to a medical doctor specializing in cannabis, building a community of people who share their stories about successful treatment with medical marijuana to resolve health issues could become actionable data. The qualitative experience could become quantitative data science.

If you, a friend, family member, or caregiver have used medical marijuana to successfully help with a health issue, please take the secure and private survey. Together we will use our experiences to bring comfort and peace of mind to all current and future patients.

Thank you, Bloom Farms for letting me tell you about my battle and my passion project Special thanks to all who take the survey or share it with others. When there’s enough data I’ll anonymously aggregate it, and make it freely available forever.

Ted Rheingold
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