Full-Flower Hand Rolls

Full-Flower Hand Roll

Each of our hand-rolled cones contain about 1,000 milligrams of responsibly grown California cannabis. BLOOM FARMS’ hand rolls are hand-crafted with love and grown to provide relief, relaxation, creativity and fun.


Our strain-specific Full-Flower Hand Rolls are designed for the true cannabis connoisseur. Cultivated and curated within a specific region of California, hand rolls are only available in extremely limited quantities. Some of our geography-specific varieties include Mokelumne Hill Jack Herer, Mountain Ranch OG Kush and Humboldt Country Grandaddy Purple.


Mountain Ranch, CA


From Casper Farms in Mountain Ranch, CA, our newest single origin strain has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards and is a favorite in the Bay Area. Introducing, OG Cookies.

OG Cookies, a powerful hybrid cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison, is known across the globe for inspiring potent full-body euphoria and insatiable munchies. OG Cookies usually exhibits beautiful twisting buds with purple leaves and glowing orange hairs, which forms a dark, dense oil. Look to this earthy and pungent single origin strain for creativity, relaxation, and relief from muscle soreness.


Mountain Ranch, CA


This full flower hand roll of Master Kush comes from Casper Farms in Mountain Ranch, CA, in Calaveras County.

Master Kush is a popular indica cross born of two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region, which is documented by historians as the origin of all modern cannabis strains. Master Kush carries notes of citrus and incense, and many say that the taste is reminiscent of hand-rolled hash. Expect full-bodied relaxation without feeling melty, and a bright calm that suites both daytime and nighttime activities.


Mountain Ranch, CA


From our friends at Casper Farms comes our newest Full-Flower Hand Roll: Cali Queen.

Cali Queen is a sativa-dominant hybrid born of King Louis and Blue Dream. This uplifting strain contains calming elements that are great for groups and boosting creativity. Cali Queen’s color can vary, making for an interesting and vibrant preroll. What never varies is this strains smooth creamy smoke, energetic buzz, and sweet earthy flavor. Be warned: This one is potent and best enjoyed when discretion is not a priority.


Oakland, CA


Our next Full Flower Hand Roll is a Bloom Farms original. That’s right — this small batch of Blackjack was grown, harvested, and rolled by the team at Bloom.

Blackjack is the offspring of Black Domina and Jack Herer. A true sativa, this strain delivers a calming euphoria with a complimentary energy boost — perfect for long nights of work or enjoying the company of your favorite people. Black Jack carries a sweet smell and a thick, piney exhale. Get this Full Flower Hand Roll while supplies last.


San Francisco, CA


Introducing, Pineapple-Cannatonic from State Flower, the first CBD preroll offering from Bloom Farms.

Pineapple-Cannatonic is a CBD strain born of — you guessed it — Pineapple and Cannatonic. This strain delivers a mellow and relaxing buzz. Thanks to its high CBD content, Pineapple-Cannatonic shines when you need to unwind without the sedation of an indica.


Mountain Ranch, CA


The newest addition to our Single Origin Reserve lineup is Silver Haze from Zion Farms.

Silver Haze is a sativa cross of Haze and Northern Lights. This is a potent strain celebrated for delivering a clear-headed euphoria and a powerful energy boost, while also jumpstarting your appetite. You can expect a sweet, earthy scent and smoke from this social and invigorating strain.