Weed is the gift that keeps on giving, so this holiday season treat your cannabis-loving friends and family to the ultimate pot presents. True canna-sseurs will fall head over heels for this Bloom Farms ganja gift guide, featuring top-shelf flowers, soothing CBD, CBG and CBN tinctures and tasty weed-tastic vapor pens—a range of options to satisfy your whole list, whether it contains true stoners or those who only use hemp-derived products. We’ve got the goods for everyone. 

For the Netflix & Chiller: Bedhead OG Live Resin 

We all know the chill smoker who can hit a heavy indica and hang all night long. Whether your tribe takes couch-lock to new heights or they enjoy watching hours of Netflix, you’ll want to spoil your cannabis-loving friends and family with some much needed rest and relaxation. We recommend the new Bloom Farms Bedhead OG Live Resin 5:1 THC/CBN–it will be your clique’s new nighttime bud with an indica-leaning sweet and savory concentrate boosted with potent CBN, perfect for winding down, especially during the hectic holiday season. 

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For the old school toker: Flower  


You can’t go wrong with giving fresh flower to any marjiuana maven. Whether you kindly roll your comrades a classic joint or treat them to an eighth of their favorite strain, you’ll be their best bud–pun highly intended. Our Bloom Farms California-crafted premium flower is meticulously tested for quality, safety and consistency, and begins with hand-selected plants harvested at peak flavor and freshness. Our product is sustainably grown and sourced from farmers who, like us, care about the land, environment and community. So gift your circle confidently knowing you are providing the highest quality sativa, indica or hybrid flower strains.  

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For the subtle smoker: Mini Vape Pen

Not every cannabis supporter needs a big rig or strong-smelling flower to celebrate its benefits. Share the small and discreet Bloom Farms Mini Vape Pen with the low-key CBD fan on your list. This THC-free vape oil is pure and uncut and remains free from fillers or thickening agents like VG or PG. Opting for the cleanest extraction methods and highest-quality hardware means you know exactly what you’re getting: all-natural, broad-spectrum oil that’s high in cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN. Pure oil, every time.

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For the dreamer: CBN

For the one with their head in the clouds and their sites set on sweet dreams, Bloom Farms Dream 1200 mg 5:1 CBN Tincture is the ideal holiday offering. Potent hemp-derived CBN (cannabinol) is combined with organically grown, full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp for boosted evening relaxation and sedative effects. Send your favorite folks off to the relaxation station in style. 

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For the aspiring athlete: CBD Sport Stick 

Rest is essential, especially during the holidays. What better way to score big with your closest active pals than gifting them extreme muscle relaxation. Share our CBD Sport Stick. The proprietary blend of herbs, known to have stamina- and circulation-enhancing properties, works synergistically with soothing camphor and arnica for the ultimate body relief and recovery. Combine with our Full-Spectrum CBD for further rejuvenation. 

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For the WEED KNOW IT ALL: LIVE RESIN Cartridges   

Vapes are the perfect present for the cannabis consumer on the go. No trip is too far when you’ve got your favorite strain securely stored and easily accessible. Because it’s made from fresh-frozen flower, strain-specific Live Resin transports you to the moment of harvest. Terpene-rich savory and sweet Live Resin will please the true cannabis smoking savant with bright fresh flavor and the clarity of potent Liquid Diamonds. 

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For the wellness enthusiast: CBG  

Self-care is in and if you’re searching for the next groundbreaking wellness product to give the trendy health nut on your list, we recommend our new CBG (cannabigerol) tincture. Formulated with organic olive oil for those with sensitive digestion, soothing Bloom Farms Comfort 1200 mg 1:1 CBG tincture features full-spectrum, CBG-rich, whole-plant hemp extract that is said to support gut health alongside mind-body balance for an overall sense of wellbeing. Your socially-savvy, health-conscious cohorts will thank you.  

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For your mom and dad: CBD Lotion

Dispense alleviating comfort right into their hands with Bloom Farms CBD Lotion.   
In addition to a proprietary herbal blend and 600 mg of hemp extract, our broad-spectrum CBD lotion is enhanced with black cumin seed oil and other herbs that provide strong, long-lasting relief. It’s best used as a regimen, providing continuous relief for daily support. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue. You can also give this gift with the guarantee that all of our products are thoughtfully formulated from specific hemp strains and thoroughly lab-tested for potency and purity.

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