Love, Life, & Ganja Yoga

In Los Angeles

Meet Annmarie Rung, she manages Rise Yoga in Huntington Beach and uses her space for “Cannabliss” yoga classes which are currently held once a week.

Her focus is really to build a community of like minded yogis who advocate and believe in the healing and spiritual powers of this amazing plant, combined with yoga and meditation. Since she is also a Navy veteran, she aims to offer Cannabliss Yoga classes for vets with PTSD in the future.

Her students tell her when they practice yoga while medicated, they feel more connected to themselves , enjoy a higher state of spiritual consciousness, enhanced body awareness, and are really able to let go and leave their ego aside. She experiences this as well every time she steps on her yoga mat. At this time, they are not able to consume in class, but she does encourage students to medicate beforehand. Take a look at her upcoming classes or learn more!

In the Bay area


Now meet Dee! Like us, she helps people find their bliss through relaxation.

She has been practicing yoga for twenty years, and has several hundred hours of attendance at trainings and personal development workshops, with thousands more on personal exploration and journeying. She’s one of the first naked yoga instructors in North America and is turning tons of heads; CBS, NBC, BuzzFeed, and countless others have all shared her mission.

“My life’s mission is experiencing and sharing the transformational power of relaxation and sensuality – BLISS!”

She also teaches Ganja Yoga. Ganja yoga is the intentional pairing of cannabis and yoga. She provides a safe space and a facilitated experience that is incredibly nourishing, energizing, and beautiful, – restoring your mind body, and spirit. Shoot her an email to set up a private class or take a look at her weekly classes.





Author: Evan Thompson

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