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Flavor Profile: Sweet and earthy with floral notes of mint

Three Kings


Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel combine into Three Kings, a well-rounded hybrid that provides both focused uplift and relaxed happiness. With bright sage green buds and visible trichomes, this indica-leaning hybrid is often chosen by people seeking relief from pain, nausea and stress without compromising their energy levels.

Flavor Profile: Sweet and sour with some tang

Banana Kush


Crowned in dense, frosty, light-green buds and bright-orange pistils, this indica-leaning cross of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze is famous for its tasty scent of creamy banana. Ultra-smooth smoke delivers relaxed, happy euphoria and chattiness, making it popular for those with anxious or depressed thoughts and chronic discomfort.



Award-winning GG #4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue) has a huge following and critical acclaim for its potent hybrid effects: The extreme mental uplift of its initial rush encourages creativity and clarity before gently melting into long-lasting, heavy relaxation. With a pungently sour bouquet, GG #4 is often chosen to offset pain and stimulate appetite.

Skunk Berry


The best traits of Skunk and Blueberry come together in Skunk Berry, a sativa-indica hybrid that encourages feelings of wellness to both mind and body. It’s initial euphoric, mentally stimulating buzz melts into a layer of full-body relaxation. Many people choose Skunk Berry for its ability to offset physical pain without too much sedation.

Flavor Profile: Spicy citrus with some skunk

Blueberry Haze


This tasty sativa-dominant cross of Blueberry and Haze is dense with fuzzy, frosted buds carrying pleasant notes of mint and berry. Dual mind-body effects include an uplifting head high and functional relaxation, making it great around the clock. Blue Haze is often chosen to mitigate depression, stress, pain and appetite/nausea challenges without strong sedation.

Hades OG


Hades OG, plucked straight from the depths of the soil underworld, brings a potent punch and dazzlingly dark-colored flower leaves. Picked most commonly for its uplifting and tingly effects, this indica-heavy strain is said to ease head tension and eye strain, stimulate appetite and relieve stressful thoughts and sleep troubles. It also exhibits a delightful citrus OG Kush aroma and sweet undertones that perfectly complement its physical relaxation and mood-boosting euphoria.

Lemon Cake


The frosty moss-green buds of Lemon Cake satisfy with memorable flavor—a tasty balance of diesel and citrus—and a hefty punch of quick-acting uplift. With pleasing mind and body effects, this sativa-heavy strain is often chosen by those seeking a sense of overall happiness and elevated energy for an upbeat, positive, productive day.



Indica-dominant Do-Si-Do derives from GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and is prized for its beautiful purple leaves and sparkly trichomes. It is known to induce intense body relaxation and heavy drowsiness with a pleasing hint of cerebral euphoria, making it ideal for daydreaming and self-reflection.

Rocket Fuel


The dense, popcorn-like buds of this indica cross deliver the defining traits of its ancestors Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG: a pungent diesel smell and flavor, plus potent effects that tingle and sedate. A heady rush of unfocused euphoria gradually gives way to powerfully relaxing body effects, making it a good choice for evening relaxation and thoroughly restful sleep.

Sugar Mints


Notes of chocolate and mint (plus sugar dough from its Animal Cookies heritage) give this cross of Thin Mint and Face Off OG its delectable name. With dark green buds and distinctive purple leaves, this well-balanced indica-leaning strain is known for strong dual effects, from buzzy, energizing euphoria that tingles the mind to sedation that fully relaxes the body.

Premium Sun-grown

Experience true California with our premium sun-grown flower.
Meticulously tested for quality, safety & consistency, our California-crafted flower is sustainably grown and sourced from farmers who, like us, care about the land, environment and community.



GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is a Cannabis Cup award-winning cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. GSC is a sweet and savory hybrid strain with delectable purple leaves coated in bright orange hairs. This strain gained great popularity for its blissful mood-boosts and heavenly euphoric feel. Producing a heavy indica-dominant experience, this hybrid strain offers intense relaxation with a warm, tingly body effect. Enjoy GSC at the end of the day to wind down and encourage restful sleep.

Royal Highness


A strain as noble as its name, the award-winning Royal Highness hybrid offers a superior balance between sativa and indica. Producing a lively energetic buzz paired with a calm but uplifting mood-boost, this highborn hybrid brings peace to stressful thoughts, helps relieve physical discomfort and stimulates appetite. This flower’s deep purple undertones and frosty trichomes make it as fruity and delicious as it appears. Enjoy the sweet and soothing benefits of Royal Highness any time of day.

East Coast Sour Diesel


East Coast Sour Diesel remains a tried and true sativa that provides fast-acting, high-energy effects and robust notes of earthy citrus. This sativa flower features large and luscious forest-green leaves covered in sticky, crystalline trichomes. East Coast Sour Diesel is renowned for bringing on heavy hits of euphoria and an uplifting creative buzz while fighting feelings of fatigue and soothing stressful and depressive thoughts.



24K packs a powerful THC punch. Like its namesake precious metal, warm-and-fuzzy 24K is highly prized, thanks to its stress-soothing properties that provide relief from physical discomfort and low mood. This sweet indica flower features colorful, eye-catching leaves and is said to fight fatigue, induce delightful relaxation and euphoria and encourage restful sleep.



Black Jack is a hard-hitting hybrid that offers a strong and highly sought after cerebral effect.This strain features sticky purple leaves and well-balanced scents of grapefruit and musky tobacco. Leaving its users feeling lucky, Black Jack produces blissful euphoria and a bold, uplifting mood boost. This hybrid leaves is often used by people seeking to soothe anxious and stressful thoughts and some relief from physical discomfort and nausea.

Choco Chem


Choco Chem an invigorating indica cross between Chamba and Chem 91. Possessing a fiery green flower with spicy scents of sweet tobacco, Choco Chem encourages heavy relaxation with a surprising burst of creativity and strong hints of uplifting euphoria. This indica strain is said to keep stressful and depressive thoughts at bay and stimulate appetite. It’s often used by those struggling with sleepless nights.

Green Rhino


A rare and highly sought after strain that hits hard and fast, this happy hybrid is admired for its uniquely fruity flavor and warm, uplifting mood-boosting properties. Adding just the right blend of relaxation and mentally stimulating euphoria, Green Rhino’s strong sativa side offers a burst of energy and just the right amount of talkative, perfect for daytime use.

Flavor Profile: Fun and fruity scents with sweet pine and citrus aromas and a wood, earthy taste

Chocolate Truffle


Chocolate Truffle is pure indica —a sleepy strain for a sweet stupor that melds one to the couch, complete with a full body buzz paired with a relaxed, meditative mood. In addition to its naturally relaxing effects, Chocolate Truffle is often sought after to offset stressful feelings, poor sleep and anxious thoughts.

Flavor Profile: Spicy citrus with some skunk

Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel remains a fan-favorite flower with its earthy green color sprinkled with dark orange hairs. With equally energizing and creative cerebral effects, this warm, sun-grown sativa-dominant strain is renowned to address stress and revitalize mind and body, welcoming just a bit more peace, calm and playfulness to the day.

Flavor Profile: Neatly stacked flower nug with wood and earthy notes driven by a strong diesel aroma.

Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake is the delicious cross between GSC and Cherry Pie. This savory hybrid strain is rich with vanilla and sweet earth and offers a relaxed, grounding sensation. This heavenly tasting hybrid flower should be indulged in sparingly as it packs a powerful THC punch.

Flavor Profile: Sweet and earthy with a dab of delectable vanilla



Oracle remains a “holy grail” strain for its power and prominence. This indica-dominant flower offers dreamy euphoria paired with a relaxed focus and creative calm effects. It has been known to alleviate ongoing physical discomfort and an anxious mind while stimulating the appetite. Use this sun-grown strain carefully as it contains a healthy helping of THC.

Flavor Profile: Basil, berry and raw cane sugar swirled with a pinch of sativa musk

Silver OG


Silver OG remains a bold, bright choice for those wanting higher THC content paired with just a pinch of CBD. With a perfectly potent balance between uplifting and relaxing, this inviting indica provides a warm, mellow feel blended with a refreshing tingly sensation from head to toe. Flavorfully fruity Silver OG also offers a welcome mental mood boost paired with calm euphoria, making it an ideal option for those seeking relief from anxious thoughts and daily stresses. Try during the day for an uplifting buzz or indulge in the early evening for a sweet, soothing end of your day.

Flavor profile: Sweet, fruity aroma with a surprising savory, spicy and sour tastes

Super Fruit


This bubbly super sativa, the perfect cross between Fruit Loops and OG, satisfies with bright, bold bursts of happy euphoria and an uplifting buzz. Energizing Super Fruit is perfect for daytime use as it inspires creativity and motivation for anything on the agenda. It’s also celebrated for reducing inattention as well as physical and mental discomfort, depressed feelings and stressful or anxious thoughts.

Flavor Profile: Burst of sweet fruit and citrus