Five Reasons We Love Sespe Creek Collective

One of the best parts of our industry is the sense of community shared by cannabis makers, dispensary owners, and the people who use our products. We are inspired every day by those on the front lines who provide trusted education and informed product recommendations to people seeking relief. A special few somehow also manage to elevate what it means to operate a business. From welcoming every customer with respect and giving back to their communities, our favorite California dispensaries see every transaction as a small way to make the world a better place.

Sespe Creek Collective: a beautiful place to learn about cannabis and a valued community partner

Ojai mainstay Sespe Creek Collective is a prime example of this community mindset. Here are just a few reasons we (and their loyal Ventura County base) love these dispensary renegades.


Like us, Sespe Creek has a long tradition of advocating for cannabis legalization and better access to safe, clean products. It was founded as a small patient collective in 2010 and started offering delivery service to members in 2011. In 2017, a year after being unlawfully raided by local law enforcement, CEO Chelsea Sutula opened Ventura County’s first licensed dispensary. For these efforts, Chelsea has been honored as 420 Magazine’s Warrior of the Month (June 2018) and Tokey Activist of the Year.

CEO Chelsea Sutula with US Representative Julia Brownley (California's 26th District)


“Give something amazing back” is one of our core value, which fuels our our 1-for-1 meal donation program. For every product sold, we donate a healthy meal to someone in need. (Recently, Bloom Farms recently surpassed 3 million meal donations.) Sespe Creek has been a big supporter—responsible for over 55,000 meal donations—but that’s just the start of their giveback.

Likewise, community giveback is integral to this team. For example, women-owned Sespe Creek maintains a Compassionate Care Program to provide complimentary cannabis to people in need. In addition, they focus on environmental and restorative justice initiatives, such as Last Prisoner Project, which aims to decarcerate people in prison for cannabis offenses. As if that’s not enough, they locally support Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, Los Padres ForestWatch, Ojai Trees community forestry, Ojai Valley Family Shelter, Ojai Cares Cancer Resource Center and Diversity Collective Ventura County.


The dispensary shopping experience is a mixed bag. Some shops intimidate with a grubby and dim interior. On the other hand, some shops intimidate with slick hyper-modern polish. Depending on the environment and team, new consumers may feel confused by the options and/or uncomfortable asking questions. Perhaps they eventually leave with a product that doesn’t best serve them—or nothing at all.

Fortunately, Sespe Creek offers a pleasant, clean, friendly environment that’s welcoming to a diverse clientele. The team is dedicated to thoughtfully considering each customer’s needs and providing trusted answers with a “no dumb questions” attitude.

Sespe Creek Collective calls its team their “special sauce”

4. Discerning Product Offering

The Sespe Creek team is committed to cutting through trendy “green” and “woke” brand marketing to identify products that truly reflect their ideals. The curated selection represents the finest clean, ethically farmed and sustainable products they’d be comfortable using themselves and recommending to family.

Sespe Creek offers Bloom Farms Sun-Grown Flower, Crafted Blends, Single Origin Cured Resin, and our most recent addition, Single Origin Live Resin. Typically the most flavorful of extracts, sweet and savory Live Resin is named for its vibrant expression of live cannabis. Using more of the plant with minimal waste, Live Resin with Liquid Diamonds ensures a balance between strong effect and assertive terpene profile—all from the same plant. A compelling counterpoint to distillate, Bloom Farms Live Resin offers more harvest-time flavor, more potency and more efficient plant use. This convenient full-spectrum oil is bright, fresh and floral.

Sespe Creek carries a range of Bloom Farms Live Resin cartridges


Sespe Creek’s email newsletter, The Sespe Buzz, and Cannabis Learning Center are chock-full of great info. Topical updates and easy-to-digest technical info are suited to new users looking to become savvy consumers as well as connoisseurs who want to dig deeper into the cannabis plant, products, and regulation. (Check out the “Vaping Safety by Dr. Jeff Raber” video!)

Live nearby or passing through the area? Please visit our friends at Sespe Creek and let them know Bloom Farms sent you. February 2-8, drop our name to get your choice of a 0.5g Live Resin cartridge for $1 with the purchase of a 1g or two 0.5g Live Resin cartridges.

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