The Best Far-Out Photos From The Hubble Space Telescope

Earth is a complicated place to be right now. Surviving a pandemic, unrelenting political warfare and natural disasters can be extremely disheartening and all too real. So allow us to take you far away from this planet and into the vast beauty of space through the captivating lens of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope


If you haven’t scoped out Hubble images, you are in for a treat. Named after the “trailblazing astronomer” Edwin Hubble, the Hubble Space Telescope is a large space-based observatory that has revolutionized astronomy since its 1990 launch by the space shuttle Discovery. Far beyond our planet’s rain clouds, light pollution and atmospheric distortions, Hubble has a crystal-clear view of the universe. Scientists have used Hubble to observe some of the most distant stars and galaxies known to us, as well as the planets in our own solar system.




In its 30 years, Hubble has made over 1.4 million observations, tracked interstellar objects as they soared through the Milky Way, watched a comet collide with Jupiter and discovered moons around Pluto. Because of its ability to detect a vast range of light, Hubble continues to discover new stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects that have “inspired people around the world and changed our understanding of the universe.”


“A photo is worth a thousand words,” rings true for the Hubble Telescope. So without further ado, here are some of the best images of space and beyond! 

All photos courtesy of NASA.





Author: Valeri Spiwak

Valeri SpiwakBorn and raised by the beach in Southern California, Valeri Spiwak lives and breathes West Coast culture and its surrounding artistic charm. Valeri, with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and a Minor in French, continuously seeks to explore the beautiful and obscure, and shares her adventures through captivating wordplay, clever writing and skillful copy.

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