Frequently Asked Questions



Are BLOOM FARMS products lab tested and certified?

The State of California has put stringent safety regulations in place to protect consumers from harmful chemicals and contaminants. Here at BLOOM FARMS we always comply with all applicable state-mandated testing standards and requirements. This ensures a safe and enjoyable product every time.

Our products are tested and certified by several of California’s most respected labs including Pure Analytics, Anresco, Cannsafe and Cannalysis.

Love it. Gotta have it. Where can I find BLOOM FARMS products?

Use the Find Us section of the website to locate a partner dispensary near you. Dispensaries and delivery services please contact us for wholesale inquiries.

Unfortunately our cannabis products cannot be purchased outside of California or directly from getbloomfarms.com

What makes BLOOM FARMS Different?

We make an amazing product but are not just about the quality of our cannabis. We’re about increasing the quality of our lives. We’re out to support a culture shift with safe, responsible, life-enhancing experiences that change the negative stereotypes about cannabis. We support a healthy life with cannabis. Our mantra is relaxation, relief, creativity and fun.


It’s simple. Both HIGHLIGHTER and HIGHLIGHTER PLUS are breath-activated. Just inhale, and the heating element warms the cannabis oil to create potent, flavorful vapor and deliver the perfect dose every time.


  • The suggested retail price for a HIGHLIGHTER Complete Set is $45. Replacement oil cartridges are $30.
  • The suggested retail price a HIGHLIGHTER PLUS Complete Set is $70. Replacement oil cartridges are $50.

What are the capacity and specs for the battery and cartridge?

The battery typically lasts for an entire cartridge on a single charge and is rechargeable up to 150 times. The battery capacity is 280mAH, and it operates at a range of approximately 3.3V-4.2V. The resistance of the cartridge is approximately 1.9~2.1Ω(ohms). The maximum limit is approximately 2.0A. Do not use high-powered batteries with Bloom Farm cartridges.

What if the pen breaks or I simply don't like it?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all BLOOM FARMS products. If you are not happy with your Highlighter for any reason, just return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Always feel free to reach out to us directly. We want to know how we can enhance your next experience.

Before you exchange your Highlighter, we think this video might help fix most cartridge issues.

Where is BLOOM FARMS located?

BLOOM FARMS, where we grow and harvest much of our cannabis, is set among the beautiful Sierra Foothill mountains and has been in our family for more than 50 years. Want to tour the farm? Email us info@bloom.farm

It is my dream to work in the cannabis industry. How can I work with BLOOM FARMS?

It was our dream too! Check out our available positions and Join the Team.

The Plant

What is cannabis, and what is hemp?

Essentially, these are just different parts of the same plant. Hemp is typically grown for industrial uses such as textiles, construction materials and oil with lower traces of THC. Cannabis is the term generally used to describe the flowers that contain higher amounts of THC.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid (a chemical compound found in cannabis) with very little to no psychoactive effect. It is generally used by people seeking relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia and nausea.

What are cannabinoids? How many different cannabinoids are there?

A cannabinoid is a chemical compound found in cannabis. Over 100+ cannabinoids have been isolated from cannabis, although THC and CBD are the most well-known.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

This biological system is involved in regulating cognitive and physiological processes throughout the body, including sleep, appetite, immune function and pain sensation. Like a key fitting into a lock, a cannabinoids interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors to influence these regulatory processes.

What are terpenes?

Aromatic terpenes are natural components of a cannabis plant that form its distinctive flavor profile. Some may be earthy or sweet, while others are pungent or fruity. Though terpenes are found throughout nature, cannabis is unique because it can express a wide variety of terpenes to create complex and unique flavor profiles.

What do names like OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Humboldt Royal Kush mean?

The name sometimes refers to the genetic makeup, which can indicate unique psychoactive effects, but this is not always the case.

About Adult Use

What makes recreational marijuana different from medical marijuana?

Marijuana for adult use will be taxed at a higher rate. Each dispensary will be licensed to sell adult use, medical or both.

Why is my state ID checked at a dispensary?

Each dispensary has their own protocol, but for most it is just an age verification step to ensure you are above the age of 21.

Will cannabis be available everywhere as of January 1, 2018?

Each county has their own rules, and the roll-out is expected to be delayed depending on municipality.

Can I get recreational cannabis at any dispensary?

Dispensaries need a proper license to sell adult use and a separate proper license to sell medical. Not all dispensaries will be licensed to sell both.

I’ve never been to a dispensary. What should I know and expect before my first visit?

First, it’s important to know that dispensaries may offer medicinal products or adult use (“recreational”) cannabis or both. Dispensaries must be granted separate licenses for medicinal and adult use, and not all dispensaries can legally sell adult use cannabis. To find BLOOM FARMS in the nearest adult use store near you, visit: http://getbloomfarms.com/find-us
A quality dispensary will start by asking about your needs and preferences before recommending products to you. You should have a good idea of what effects you hope to experience (relaxation, relief, creativity, or even just for fun), methods you’d like to try (flower, vapes, topics, edibles, etc.), and the dispensary team can discuss what methods you are open to using.

How much can I possess at once?

In California, you may possess up to one ounce of flower, up to 8 grams of concentrates and up to 6 immature plants.

How much can I purchase at a time?

In California, you may purchase up to one ounce of flower and up to 8 grams of concentrates.

Where can marijuana be consumed?

Consumption is allowed only in a private residence. Marijuana cannot be consumed in a public space, business or in a vehicle. Smoking in public carries a fine up to $250.

What happens if I smoke or ingest marijuana and drive?

Driving while impaired is dangerous and illegal and carries a $70 fine. You can also be fined $250 for driving with an “open container.” However, the police cannot search your vehicle simply because they smell or see it.

Can I fly with cannabis?

It is not legal to fly with cannabis because airports are federally regulated. While a lot of people do it, we don't recommend flying with cannabis.


How is cannabis oil different from flower?

Cannabis oils are a concentrated, allowing for a cleaner and more potent product.

Are there pesticides in your oil?

Our product are meticulously lab-tested to ensure safety and clean, great-tasting oil that exceed the state’s pesticide standard. Additionally, BLOOM FARMS cannabis oil does not contain any VG, PEG or artificial flavors or terpenes.

Do your products meet the State’s standards for pesticides?

Our products exceed the State’s standards!

How is your cannabis oil made?

Our oils are made by using state-of-the-art, supercritical CO2 technology. Raw oils are gently refined via crystallization to remove unwanted plant lipids and waxes.

What is the difference between oil and distillate? How is distillate made?

Our distillate starts with the same process as our HIGHLIGHTER oils by using state-of-the-art, supercritical CO2 technology. Raw oils are gently refined via crystallization to remove unwanted plant lipids and waxes, followed by an additional process of refinement to further concentrate the oil.

Is Bloom Farms made with butane?

No. BLOOM FARMS is extracted using a clean CO2.

Where does the cannabis come from?

All of the cannabis we source is California grown by responsible farmers who, like us, care about the land, the environment and the people.

Which Bloom Farms strains are the best?

We love them all! For first time customers, we recommend our signature Daytime (Sativa), Nighttime (Indica) or Anytime (Hybrid) blended oils.

What's the difference between single origin and blend?

A Single Origin is an individual strain that comes in a small batch from one farm, while a blended oil is a mix of popular strains of each strain type (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid blends).

How long do your products last?

Our 500mg cartridges generally last around 300 full inhales, which is comparable to 1/8 ounce of flowers.

How should I store cartridges?

The optimal operating and storage temperature range is 45°–85°F. Take care never to expose HIGHLIGHTER cartridges to extreme heat or cold, as such temperatures can cause cartridges to leak or fail.

Can I refill a cartridge once it's been used?

Our cartridges are not meant to be refilled. This is so we can ensure quality, consistency and no leaking.

Why can't you give free samples anymore?

California no longer allows us to give away product, except for some very narrow exceptions for medical products.

Is vaping safe?

Vaping is considered a more health-conscious alternative to smoking.

How much should I take?

Take a small puff or two, then wait for the effects to set in before taking more. Keep going until you feel just right!

What is the correct dose?

The correct dose depends on your individual needs and tolerance. For the HIGHLIGHTER, HIGHLIGHTER PLUS and PAX Era Pods, measure your dose by each inhale and see what’s right for you.

How strong is your product?

All HIGHLIGHTER and PAX Era Pod vapor oil contains a consistent 60-90% THC.

I don't understand the level of THC/CBD?

THC and CBD are two of many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. THC usually is associated with psychoactive effects you may experience (the higher the THC level, the more potent the product), while CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. The THC/CBD percentages on the back of every BLOOM FARMS package refers to the amount that has been lab-tested in that particular batch.

Does your product go bad?

While there is very little research so far, first studies suggest that most product has a minimum shelf life of four months with ideal storage conditions (like at a dispensary). When stored at consistently cool temperature, cannabis products are likely to stay fresh much longer.

Like all organic material, the compounds in cannabis break down over time and at different rates—depending on a few factors—which may eventually affect potency and flavor.

Similarly, exposure to air (“oxidation”) and/or heat may eventually affect the product’s color. Keep in mind that the many compounds in cannabis do break down over time. Furthermore those compounds break down at different rates. Over time, terpenes and cannabinoids in particular can break down into different compounds that may affect potency and taste.

Oxidation happens slowly over time as the extract is exposed to air (oxygen, actually!), resulting in a darker color. Additionally, heat can speed up the process of oxidation.