Essentials Apps for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Sophisticated cannabis users who are entrepreneurs continue to crush the stoner stereotype by innovating sleek technology and other products to integrate our favorite flower into everyday life. Mobile phone apps reflect this growing trend. Cannabis is slowly but surely working its way from counterculture to mainstream thanks to developers who understand the world from a greener perspective.


Apps facilitate the easiest way for consumers to interact with the businesses and interests that matter to them the most. The best cannabis apps take tried and true concepts for lifestyle solutions and incorporate MJ into the mix. Here is a selection of great apps that you’ll want to add to your home screen.


iOS, Android

Leafly is a rich hub full of information and guidance for any cannabis consumer. In fact, leafly is becoming an often recommended starting point for a new user. You can use their “Find Nearby” tool to help you find a dispensary, and you’ll find reviews on each location, their frequently updated menus, strains and products that each dispensary carries. Leafly is also a media portal for modern cannabis culture, delivering a ton of content on technology, news, legislation, and how-to’s. Plus, Leafly dials into the new phenomena within the cannabis industry: cannabis brand name products. Familiarize yourself with these brands to get more comfortable looking for something you like and recognize when you shop at a dispensary.


iOS, Android

The So-Cal born website has been the reliable, go-to “Yelp for medical marijuana” since herbal medication became legal in California in the 90s. Find local doctors, dispensaries, and delivery services on this app. Each business has ratings from users and the latest deals on products. When your bud-budget is tight, Weedmaps will always help you easily sort through local deals to find something that suits what you can spend. They have a community of users that is optional to register for if you want to use the app.


iOS, Android

Potbot is one of the best apps I’ve found for strain self-education. Rather than reading lists and list of strain descriptions, Potbot uses an algorithm to use a small amount of information you provide to make suggestions on what you’ll want to buy. Whether you are a new cannabis user or a long-time lover of the leaf, strains can affect you in a wide variety of ways. It’s easy to tailor your experience if you know what to look for before you go shopping. Potbot turns your phone into a helpful little robot that will guide you to discover which strains to ask for in your dispensary, what characteristics about that strain will cure what ails you, and most importantly, how potent it is. You start by entering some information about yourself, what you are trying to treat with medical marijuana, and the extent of your experience using it. Then, the app will make a variety of recommendations on which types are right for you and the cannabinoids are dominant in them. If you get to the counter and they don’t have that one, you can show the budtender the breakdown on the app and they’ll recommend something else for you based on those cannabinoids you’re seeking.

Social High and MassRoots

iOS and Android


New social networks are a dime a dozen, and sometimes it feels like they get us into trouble more often than they add value. Ever wanted to share a picture of a beautiful nug you’re about to smoke, or the latest glass piece you’ve added to your collection? You have to be extremely careful what you’re putting on a public profile, especially when you consider your boss or potential new employer may be looking. Social High and MassRoots are social networks just for cannabis users to share comments, pictures, videos, and links that have to do with their cannabis lifestyle and connect with others who want to experience it with you. Customize your profile with your favorite strains too.



There had to be a dating app, right? If you’re tired of tiptoeing around the subject of cannabis use when you meet a potential new mate, surpass that step altogether by using HighThere. Just like most dating apps, this uses the “swipe” to search; left for “High There” and right for “Bye There”. It’s just like Tinder or Bumble; if you both say High There, you get to chat. You can meet people from all over the world or limit your matchups to a local radius.  


Did we miss any apps that have enriched your cannabis experience? Share in the comments below!


Brittny Peloquin is a smoke shop distribution marketing guru by day, freelance writer by night. Millennial liberal feminist who loves running, pro-wrestling, and cats. Her motto is Work Hard, Be Nice. Catch her on Twitter, @BrittTheBrat.

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