In Your Dreams: Indie Bedtime

It comes as no surprise that sleep dictates how we feel most of the time. Unfortunately, we often neglect another important time: our nightly routines, which can affect the quality of sleep we get. One of the best ways to combat bedtime stress and restlessness is to take the time to wind down before crawling between the sheets.

We recommend powering down those glowing screens and enjoying some peaceful reflections and soothing music. Having trouble powering yourself down? Our friend Laura Braun is helping us celebrate Sleeptember by carefully curating playlists packed full of music for mindfulness.

Grab a our newest pure indica single origin, White Kush, put on your favorite sleep suit, and press play.


Author: Laura Braun

Laura BraunLaura Braun is a San Francisco-based writer by way of Chicago. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, She Shreds, SF Sounds, Thrillist and more.

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