Cannagram: 10 Cannabis Accounts You Need To Follow Now

Cannabis culture is truly in a league all its own. Whether you’re a grower, activist, scientist, blogger or simply a consumer, there never seems to be a shortage of new and exciting information coming from the weed world. 

If you’re a cannabis consumer, we recommend following these 10 attention-grabbing cannabis Instagram accounts. You’ll be sure to find something for every cannabis curiosity on your list, from mouthwatering edibles and eye-catching plant photography to psychedelic art, hilarious marijuana memes and everything in between. 


High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine is a go-to for any and all cannabis news. Whether you want to learn about the latest strains, peep a pic of unique smokewear or ogle some tasty-looking trichomes, High Times has it all.  

Women Grow 

Looking for a bit of empowerment with a side of weed? Then Women Grow is the account to follow. This company works hard to connect, educate and empower diverse leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry. With the help of their many supporters, they’ve helped create over 1,000 women-owned businesses in the marijuana industry. 

Best Of Glass

Glitter-covered rigs, galactic pipes, vibrant far out bubblers, E.T. alien pieces and more are just a few of the stellar smokewear photos you’ll see on Best Of Glass. Eye candy for glass and weed lovers, this account highlights the world’s most impressive glass pieces and where you can acquire them for your cannabis consumption.  

Jeff The 420 Chef

Labeled “The Julia Child of Weed” by The Daily Beast, Jeff the “420 Chef” will make your mouth water with his savory cannabis dishes. Satisfy your senses with enticing edible photos of fried chicken tacos, wild mushroom truffle flatbread, bud-berry brownies and much more.     

Broccoli Mag 

Cannabis art and culture collide to form the canna-beautiful Broccoli Mag, an international magazine for cannabis lovers. Read interviews with your favorite industry influencers, enjoy mind-bending weed art and learn about the latest cannabis trends for hours on this account. 

Snoop Dog

We’re not sure much explanation is needed here as Snoop Dogg is the godfather of cannabis consumption. The rapper and legendary weed enthusiast shares endless entertainment through hilarious smoking videos, cannabis cartoons and classic street film photography. We promise you won’t regret it. 

Surreal Painting

One look at Surreal Painting and you’ll know exactly why we sent you there. 3D illustrations, clever collages and more eye candy content will flood your feed if you follow this art account. We recommend exploring this work right after indulging in some cannabis for even more enjoyment. 


For those seeking a more educational cannabis account, the Ganjapreneur is a highly informative account that provides details and worldwide coverage on the legalization movement for industry professionals and beyond. Photographs of cannabis are displayed between eye-catching headlines that, with just a glance, will keep you in the loop and well-informed on the state of the industry. 


Trippy is right. This experimental art account will have your brain entertained for hours with kaleidoscopic patterns, crazy cartoons, mind-altering sculptures and more.  If you’re looking for a little bit of everything from the art work, this page’s got it. Now toke up and trip out on this account. 

Four Twenty

Find the most comical cannabis memes from every corner of the Internet all in one place with the Four Twenty page. Set aside some serious screen time for this account, because you’ll soon find yourself scrolling and rolling with laughter for hours with these cannabis-inspired posts. 

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