Cannabis in Your Twitter Feed: 10 accounts you need to follow now

With things in the cannabis world changing at the drop of a dime bag, it’s more important than ever to find good folks to follow on Twitter.


We’re talking about accounts that have their kief-covered fingers on the pulse of the marijuana market, the legislation, the culture and the scene, with frequent updates and the latest-greatest breaking news.


Here are ten Twitter feeds, in no particular order, that you should be consuming on a regular basis:


Green Flower is a cannabis education site devoted to exploring all topics cannabis-related, but primarily focused on the medical and health benefits of the plant. On Twitter, the company shares posts from other reputable sites, along with its own coverage of topical tidbits, such as how to add raw cannabis to your diet and how marijuana affects athletes.


If you haven’t listened in on the 420 Radio Show itself, it’s worthwhile to tune in to hear a variety of opinions from all walks of marijuana life, including medicinal and recreational users and folks working in the industry. The show’s steady stream of tweets alternates between updates from the show’s website, The Daily Stoner News, which compiles attributed articles from around the world.


The culturally oriented Merry Jane makes marijuana news fun, mixing up breaking stories and backgrounders with things like how to grill with cannabis and a “Pothead of the Week,” along with that time the Stoned Gamer dropped LSD at RuPaul’s DragCon.  


It doesn’t matter what gender you are to Women Grow – the longtime advocacy and leadership group just wants to help women attain the “grass ceiling.” As their membership grows, so does their coverage, and the tweets do a great job of dispelling the notion that women can’t get high and be moms, lawyers, truck drivers or, well, just about anything they want to be.


MassRoots pulls from a variety of sources, interspersing news and recipes with pot porn – love those leafy close-ups – and strain reviews, with the occasional #smokesocial shot of an aficionado in his or her natural habitat (read: anywhere and everywhere).  


The Medical Marijuana Exchange is mostly about medical, yes, but it also shares a lot of related information – hemp news, legalization coverage – on top of up-to-date info on things like CBD’s effect on fibromyalgia and PTSD research from a variety of legit sources, including major daily newspapers and local TV stations. Look for consistently solid posts throughout the day.


The National Cannabis Industry Association is an advocacy group working on the national level for better education, research and representation for the industry. That translates into a tweetstorm of issues related to business and legislation, and although it can get a bit dry, there’s no question the info is spot-on. (Or should we say pot-on?)


The occasional quote from Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius paired with a pic of a big, fat bud or Thomas Jefferson espousing the virtues of hemp enlivens an otherwise mostly newsy feed, with an emphasis on, you guessed it, the economics of the cannabis industry.


The OG stoner features, not surprisingly, a weed-focused feed of pictures of him getting super high, talking about being super high and looking super high, here with a young Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, there with a Lakers shirt on and holding a joint the size of a baseball bat, along with pictures of his family members, related for reals and cuzz. Snoop will inspire you (breakfast blunt!) and make you long for his lifestyle (breakfast blunt!).


Weed Code calls itself the “dopest twitter feed around,” and while that’s arguable, it’s definitely the feed with the most pictures of glass bongs. Positive and upbeat, the tweets revolve around an alternating theme of dope memes, maxims and many bad dope puns. It can be a breath of dank air, though, during an otherwise boring work day.


Author: Kyle Wagner

Kyle WagnerFreelance writer Kyle Wagner has been a journalist for 30 years; most recently, she was restaurant critic and travel editor at The Denver Post until 2014, and has written for The Cannabist and other cannabis-oriented publications since. In 2017, Kyle left Colorado for Sherwood, Ore., to co-found the hemp farm Queen Bee Bliss. In the off-season, the mother of two adult daughters adds to her list of 40+ countries visited, and is an enthusiastic mountain biker and river rat.

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