Cannabis & Sex: Does Cannabis Affect Intimacy?

Weed makes everything better—music, movies, food, art, you name it. But when it comes to sex, does this magical plant also help us get in the mood? While the notion that marijuana can actually make sex better remains up for debate, weed may allow folks the chance to explore their sexual likes and dislikes in a safe space free of judgement and inhibition often related to insecurity. 
You may have heard mixed reviews when it comes to weed and sex. Some report faster arousal and increased pleasure while others claim to experience a lack of lubrication and lower sperm count. Since the research remains scarce on the matter, the link between cannabis and coitus seems to be of personal preference. However, there may be a few factors that play a role in whether or not you will enjoy being stoned for your next sexual encounter. 

Mental state

As you may know, your mental state before sex affects much of the experience. Stress, anxiety, exhaustion and even hunger can often dictate your ability to get and stay turned on. Luckily, cannabis is used by many people to help soothe these very issues. Enjoying a little pot pre-intercourse may help calm your mind, allowing you to become more present to focus on the sexual experience at hand. 

Physical sensation

Cannabis is also often used to put the physical body at ease, relaxing the muscles and alleviating chronic pain. Consuming a little ganja before sex can not only appease any unfavorable physical discomfort but it can also make your skin (a major erogenous zone) more sensitive to touch–a major plus for arousal.  has also been known to produce various sensations when it comes to your physical body. Better arousal equals higher potential for orgasm, which is the recipe for stellar sex. In fact, according to Psychology Today, “compared with those who abstained from marijuana or used it infrequently, those who regularly used shortly before sex were twice as likely to report deeply satisfying orgasms.” 
This rings especially important for women. Unlike men, who are almost guaranteed an orgasm, most women need to be strategically aroused to eventually reach orgasm. For women, the right physical touch is equally as important as reaching a solid mental and emotional state before sex. In studies regarding women and marijuana use before sex, the majority of women who used weed before sex reported positive sexual effects in regards to “overall sexual satisfaction, desire, orgasm, and improvement in sexual pain.” Women who used marijuana before sex and those who used it more frequently were actually “more than twice as likely to report satisfactory orgasms as those who did not use marijuana before sex or used infrequently.” Since much of the past sex-and-marijuana research involved men, these new findings are simply a promising hint of scientific findings to come. 

Emotional well-being 

The use of any recreational substance can often aid in alleviating, stimulating or deterring your emotional state, which results in either letting go or taking on additional emotional retention. Since the pre-sex headspace is essential to the arousal process, your emotions must also be in a good place for optimal arousal and sexual performance. Weed is loved by many for its mood-boosting abilities and uplifting sensations, and the same can be said for the consumption of cannabis before sex. Marijuana can help free you from lingering stresses and negative emotions. As a result, enjoying weed before sex can put you in a much higher and happier emotional state for getting it on. 

Strain preference 

Another natural question that arises when discussing weed and sex lies in the strain preference and dosage. There are thousands of strains all grown to help induce a desirable effect: happy, hungry, sleepy, creative, social and calm. So why shouldn’t arousal be added to the list? Depending on the style of sex you’re looking for, from fast-paced and passionate to slow and sensual, the right strain and strategic dose can elevate your sexual experience. 
While it can’t be proven exactly why a particular strain may prove more effective to inspire passion and great intercourse, “high-THC hybrids” that offer body-warming euphoria coupled with blissful mood-uplift are ideal for boosting your libido, according to Heathline. CBD-heavy strains also remain a top choice for those working with sore muscles or in need of pain-relief prior to doing the deed. 
When it comes to what amount to consume, too much of anything should be avoided. Getting too high may result in you flying past its desirable effects and right into couch-lock mode. (Some studies suggest that too much cannabis consumption may inhibit receptors in penile tissue, resulting in temporary erectile dysfunction.)
Here are some of our favorite strains and THC/CBD-filled methods for setting the mood and getting ready to rock. 



Tangimal Cookies (Sativa Flower) – This delectable treat provides an energizing rush of creativity, focus and happiness while highlighting the finest aromatic notes of its parents, palate-pleasing Tangie and tasty Animal Cookies. Not only will your senses experience pure seduction, but the added uplift and creativity will make for a sexually charged and explorative experience. 
Mendo Breath (Indica Flower) – Enjoy the pure indulgence of supreme relaxation delivered on a cloud of vanilla and burnt sugar. This strain makes for a sweet and sensual romantic rendezvous followed by soothing mind and body sensitivity. 
GG #4 – 1G Cartridge (Hybrid) – This happy hybrid vape is supreme for body relaxation and offers uplifting cerebral effects and a much-appreciated mood-boost. This is a great choice to calm the mind and body before sex. 
Bubblegum AK – 1G Cartridge – This well-balanced hybrid pleases with the sweet aroma of bubble gum dual mind-body comfort. First intensely uplifting, this one doubles the fun with strong physical sensations to encourage happy, bubbly relaxation. We see frisky love-making in the future with this vape strain. 


Sport Stick – Bloom Farms CBD Sport Stick isn’t just for athletes. The organically grown, hemp-derived CBD stick is perfect for immediately cooling and relaxing the body as it gets to work on a deeper level. Its proprietary blend of herbs, known to have stamina- and circulation-enhancing properties, works synergistically with soothing camphor and arnica for a greater effect than each alone, especially when combined with our full-spectrum CBD. Apply before and after sex to worn-out muscles to soothe, boost recovery and keep you moving at your best. (Just to be clear: Sport Stick is not intended to be used on delicate areas, which may be irritated by camphor and menthol.)  
CBD Tinctures – Tinctures are a great way to feel CBD effects before and after getting it on. Whether you are looking for relief, sleep or recovery, Bloom Farms CBD has the perfect tincture recipe for you. 

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