Cannabis Education on Facebook: the Top 10 Pages to Follow

Fake news is bad enough – but fake news about marijuana? It oughta be illegal. Bad cannabis intel has had a while to gather itself out there and finding good sources to follow on Facebook – the ones that aggregate all the latest from reliable sources and use data-based information, as well as authoritative and credible opinions – is as critical as breaking up a cashed nug with a poker. Both will keep you from sucking ash.  


In no particular order, here are the ten top cannabis pages to follow on Facebook:


Not surprisingly for a political entity, NORML’s posts tend toward the legislative, but they pull from a variety of reliable sources (including mainstream media) and offer up thoughtful commentary via their blog.

High Times

Back in the day, High Times (founded in 1974) was the best – and for many years, the only – connection to the forbidden fruit, a voice of reason in a world of reefer madness. The modern-day FB feed features a solid mix of news from wire services like AP and some original reporting, along with opinion pieces and lists.


With its focus on specific strains and the medical issues surrounding cannabis, Leafly is a little like Yelp for imbibers, with searchable user reviews of bud and dispensaries. The feed tries to stay up on current events and offer what can be valuable insights and inside info, such as its recent “Full Spectrum Extracts” piece.


You want to get high, and you want to know where you can go nearby to make it happen. Weedmaps has you covered. This marijuana directory – with user reviews and tech-based mapping — intersperses its newsier posts (many from the site it supports, with photos and videos that run the gamut from goofy to glorious.

The Cannabist

Top-notch original reporting and trustworthy sourcing from the first cannabis-oriented publication from a major daily newspaper, The Denver Post. The feed is one of the most consistent available, with multiple relevant posts a day. Also, the pot critic is hilarious.

Cannabis Culture

Vancouver-based Cannabis Culture has an international bent and isn’t afraid to intersperse the serious with the cat-pondering baggies of “meowie wowie.” Yep, there’s lots about Canadian-related cannabis issues, but it’s also interesting to see their take on how the U.S. is doing it.


A light touch and an emphasis on the more entertaining side of marijuana consumption, with occasional bursts of brilliance (Case in point: “This is why you should be smoking 100% hash joints.”)

The Weed Blog

Serious news for serious canna-fans, with a lot of focus on legalization and advocacy issues and, as the posts continually make clear, they want the drug war to end. Posts are pulled from a wide variety of pot-oriented sites and not – Huffington Post one minute, Spliff Seeds Amsterdam the next – and every so often they throw in a video recipe of something that will make you salivate.

NowThis Weed

If you like your cannabis information packaged in video form at all times, this one is for you. Vaguely irreverent and sometimes even poignant, the posts are mostly timely and engagingly produced, with a few here and there offering not specifically cannabis-based info, but just stuff that will blow your mind.


Author: Kyle Wagner

Kyle WagnerFreelance writer Kyle Wagner has been a journalist for 30 years; most recently, she was restaurant critic and travel editor at The Denver Post until 2014, and has written for The Cannabist and other cannabis-oriented publications since. In 2017, Kyle left Colorado for Sherwood, Ore., to co-found the hemp farm Queen Bee Bliss. In the off-season, the mother of two adult daughters adds to her list of 40+ countries visited, and is an enthusiastic mountain biker and river rat.

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