Cannabis Careers: A Job List for People Who Love Weed

Jobs in the weed industry are skyrocketing as more states legalize marijuana. Cannabis careers are no longer reserved for stoners and ganja connoisseurs, but also for those looking to grow and succeed in a budding industry full of innovation, creative design and unique opportunity. If you’re looking to get your start in the weed world, look no further; we’ve got the ultimate list of pot professions for you to explore. 


Compassionate caregiver 

Also known as a dispensary employee or budtender, a caregiver act as a personal weed shopping assistant. If you love sharing your strain knowledge and expertise with others and enjoy being in the know about the latest products, consider a cannabis career as a caregiver at your local weed shop. Folks are always in need of assistance when it comes to their cannabis selection, and you can be there to greet them with a smile and a helping hand.

Delivery driver 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enter the cannabis industry, consider driving delivery for your favorite cannabis company. The only requirement for this job is a car, a valid driver’s license and you’re in. However, you’ll be expected to follow some special rules (and drive safely, of course). Experience the joy of bringing high-quality cannabis to those in need, plus the freedom of a flexible schedule. 


Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, but if you have a way with weed plants, we highly recommend pursuing the pot career path as a grower. It takes a great deal of patience, organization and persistence to grow marijuana, but if you decide to do it professionally, growing can be extremely rewarding. You can score the opportunity to work with hundreds of local and national dispensaries and cannabis companies by providing your very own brand of marijuana. People across the country could be smoking YOUR weed–how awesome is that?


A cannabis sales rep operates just like they do any other industry, with a few differences. Your job is to create partnerships by connecting growers or brands with stores and dispensaries. Use your personable skills and knowledge of both business and cannabis to connect the right stores and caregiver clubs with the perfect growers and product. This position is for someone who has an interest in all levels of the weed industry, from the plant to the mechanics of processing to the rules and regulations.  


While some folks are fixated on the weed plants themselves, there’s an entire industry that folks depend on as part of their cannabis consumption: glass smokeware. This job is for the crafty artisan who not only loves weed, but also wants the world to experience their weed through clean and creative high-quality pieces. Design trippy water pipes, cheeky one-hitters and impressive rigs of all shapes and sizes while making a big chunk of change. There are tons of online courses that will teach you all about the history of glassmaking and show you how to get crafting today. 


Weed has managed to market itself for decades now, but in today’s fast-paced digital world, we are able to strategically research and market detailed strain information, wellness benefits, product innovations and more to the masses every day. As part of a cannabis marketing team, you can help new consumers learn about the advantages of cannabis, what strains to buy and the easiest way to enjoy their weed. You can also share the latest THC technology and help your favorite pot companies promote their product in unique and eye-catching ways. 


Testing weed may sound easy, but there’s a lot that goes into this position. A tester not only consumes the cannabis, but also closely analyzes the plant’s every characteristic—what it looks like, its color, smell, ooey-gooey stickiness, taste, flavor notes, smoothness or harshness of draw and the physical, mental and emotional effects. Believe it or not, some testers specialize in flower while others focus on oil. Becoming a tester is not only a job; it’s a scientifically backed experience that requires great attention to detail and a sophisticated palate. Plus, you have to love being a highly operative stoner, which is a bonus for most but a serious aspect to consider. 


This job is for the weed-loving wordsmiths, the creative cannabis copywriters and the pot-peddling poets who want to share their love for marijuana through captivating articles, DIY tutorials, edible recipes and more. If you like weed and have a way with words, there’s no limit to what you can blog about when it comes to this job. Give a special glance into the cannabis industry through interviews with growers, dispensary owners and business heads; share your favorite rolling tips and tricks; take your readers on a trip through edible-making history. To set yourself apart, you’ll either want to build your knowledge about the cannabis plant and the technical aspects of the industry or have a uniquely creative way of advocating for the industry. 

Product reviewer 

Smoking weed sounds pretty straightforward, and with a joint or small glass pipe it may be. However, the industry is always cooking up some stellar innovations for consuming cannabis and the public wants to hear about it. So for those of you looking to take their smoking skills to new heights and share their experience with the public, a career in product reviewing may be for you. Ganja gadgets galore hit the market every year, but they can often look too intimidating to the more simplistic smokers. Now is your chance to pair your love of pot with your adventurous spirit and share just how these complex contraptions work through clear, concise and attention-grabbing copy. For best results, you should be comfortable experimenting with new gadgets and translating technical info into easy-to-understand descriptions.

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