“High” Tech: 9 Cool Cannabis Gadgets That Will Change Your Weed Game

Weed is cool, but what makes it even cooler are the high-tech cannabis gadgets you can use to consume it….

The History of Bongs and Other Iconic Smokeware

Bong. Bubbler. Piece. Steamroller. Rig. There’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to weed smokeware. Although the latest smoking…

Here's How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Smoking a joint is one of the most common ways to consume cannabis and remains a celebrated communal pastime for…

Why Cannabis Farmers are Looking to Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative farming may be the key to saving our planet. Described as a beyond-sustainable farming and grazing practices, “regenerative agriculture”…

How The LGBTQ Community Inspired The Weed Industry

Cannabis and the LGBTQ community share a long, intertwined history together, and it’s no surprise that two vastly different progressive…

The Perfect Cannabis Strains According To Your Horoscope

Cannabis-lovers know all too well that specific strains can often shine a light on our various personality traits, and our…

CBN: What Is It?

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, chances are you’ve heard of hemp’s most popular cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol). While it’s currently…

Best Cannabis Strains For Rest And Rejuvenation

These days, we could all use a little more rest and relaxation. Battling the many stresses that arise in times…

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