Best Cannabis Strains For Rest And Rejuvenation

These days, we could all use a little more rest and relaxation. Battling the many stresses that arise in times of crisis can really strain our mental and physical well-being. Choosing the right cannabis products can help alleviate these looming worries and soothe surrounding stressors. 


 For those of you looking to add some extra rejuvenation to your daily routine, we gathered up our favorite flower strains that offer a well-balanced cannabis experience, encouraging blissful awareness while helping to restore a tranquil environment. 



Tahoe Glue (Hybrid)

This well-balanced hybrid cross of Tahoe OG and GG delivers classic indica effects alongside heady euphoria more typical to sativas. Earthy and piney with hints of lemon, Tahoe Glue is often chosen for early evening and nighttime relaxation—a taste of high-altitude R+R right in your living room.


King’s Breath (Indica)

Dense, sparkling buds studded with gold highlights hint to this heavy indica’s regal lineage and the royally good time in store. Enjoy the pure indulgence of supreme relaxation delivered on a cloud of vanilla and burnt sugar. 


Forbidden Tangie (Hybrid)

This strong hybrid boasts a heritage of sweet-and-sour grape and citrus notes and a satisfying double whammy of mind and body effects. The quick onset hits the head first before shifting downward for deep overall physical relaxation.


Zookies (Indica)

For those who appreciate a stony couch lock experience,  this well-rounded savory indica-dominant hybrid (a cross between Animal Cookies and Original Glue) provides a deeply calming bodily experience while keeping the mind motivated on any creative task at hand. 


GG #4 (Hybrid)

Award-winning GG #4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue) has a huge following and critical acclaim for its potent hybrid effects: The extreme mental uplift of its initial rush encourages creativity and clarity before gently melting into long-lasting, heavy relaxation. 


Doc OG (Indica)

Award-winning Doc OG offers profound mind and body effects, inspiring calm sensations from head to toe and a blissful uplift for just the right amount of positivity to end your day. This powerful indica strain is best enjoyed before bed. 

Author: Valeri Spiwak

Born and raised by the beach in Southern California, Valeri Spiwak lives and breathes West Coast culture and its surrounding artistic charm. Valeri, with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and a Minor in French, continuously seeks to explore the beautiful and obscure, and shares her adventures through captivating wordplay, clever writing and skillful copy.

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