Alert: Great White Shark Sighting in San Diego!

Coming seemingly out of nowhere, this marvel of nature sneaks up quickly to unleash its killer bite, immediately altering your day… and forever changing your life. As it sinks its teeth into you, your body has no choice but to give into its powerful strength and relax into your new reality.


But there’s nothing to fear. In fact, San Diego residents are running at full speed toward this Great White Shark… which (spoiler alert) has been spotted at the “city’s finest cannabis dispensary” in “America’s Finest City.” That’s right: Our newest single-origin cannabis strain is now available at March and Ash.


Just like its namesake, sativa-dominant Great White Shark cannabis is potent and quick-acting. Its Super Skunk heritage is evident in the smell and taste, which also includes hints of fruity citrus. Like a shark, its effects—particularly indica effects like full-body buzz and strong relaxation—come on quickly and last a long time, making it a popular choice among those with chronic pain and stress who want to remain productive. It’s also ideal for reserved days of introspection, quiet creativity and meditation.

Great White Shark

Bloom Farms, CA


Author: Evan Thompson

Evan ThompsonWith a proclivity for risk-taking and an intimate knowledge of San Francisco’s landscape, Evan goes the extra mile, shooting images that capture the mystique and majesty of the Bay Area.

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