Enhance Your Weekend With These 5 Cannabis Friendly Activities

One of the great things about cannabis is its seemingly endless versatility. The ability to treat an array of conditions, coupled with its nuanced psychoactive effects, makes it a commonly-sought remedy for many situations. Though recreational use of cannabis is still generally taboo, even if more accepted substances like coffee, cigarettes and alcohol also produce a “buzz” from its users, the tides are certainly changing direction. When used responsibly, cannabis is a far safer and more gentle way of taking the edge off while enhancing life’s pleasures.


Here are a few activities + strain recommendations YOU can have fun with this weekend:


Aimless Walks Around the Neighborhood

Casual walks around the block is an entirely underrated activity. Perfect for a post-dinner digestion or taking a break while working from home, get your circulation going by strolling with no destination in particular. Roll a joint, take a friend and go with the intention of seeing your surroundings differently. Choose direction based on what feels right or calls to your intuition. Feed your curiosity and see the world with a new pair of eyes, just make sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

Strain recommendations: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Dutch Treat


Playing Top Chef At Home

If you’ve smoked cannabis even once, you have probably experienced the munchies. Certain strains (usually Indicas) can stimulate the appetite and most of the time, we reach for what is most convenient. Next time, break the pattern by challenging yourself to a game of Top Chef at home. Without prepping with a grocery store run, open the ‘fridge and pick a five random ingredients that might go together (or not) and see what you can come up with. Channel your inner Bobby Flay and whip something up before the buzzer that is your ravenous hunger kicks in, and all of a sudden you’re Gordon Ramsay on a hangry kitchen rampage.

Strain recommendations: Master Kush, Lemon Kush, Bruce Banner


Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy on its own is a powerful method of relieving pain and stress. One hour in a massage chair will have you feeling as if you’re floating like a well-moisturized feather. Spending time at a day spa already feels like a mini retreat, but nibbling on an edible or applying a topical to a problem area beforehand is another story. Ambush your chronic tension from two different fronts — inside and out, doubly effective at easing a stiff back or sore muscles. Quenching your dry-mouth with complimentary cucumber-infused water is another added bonus.

Strain recommendations: Lavender Goo, Bubba Kush, Grand Daddy Purple


Coloring Yourself Calm

Despite your artistic ability or number of rotations around the sun, coloring books are and will always be an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to be in kindergarten or a creative genius to enjoy color. You don’t even have to defer to the children’s toy aisle to find cartoon characters to color inside (or outside) of. You can now find adult coloring books available at most book stores, on Amazon or even at Target. Tap into your imagination by busting out a meditative coloring book and getting lost in some geometric patterns for a while. Both zen and nostalgic, focusing on the strokes of your colored pencils will have you out of that negative thought-loop and into a new appreciation for cerulean very quickly.


Strain Recommendations: Lamb’s Bread, Cheese, Banana Kush


Household Chores


For some people, cleaning the house can turn into a dreadful inconvenience, only to be put off for far too long. Next time you find yourself expecting company or in desperate need of a good sweep, puff on an energizing sativa flower before rolling up your sleeves. The stimulating effects of some sativa strains will have you motivated to conquer all that laundry you’ve been avoiding for months. Throw on a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to while you’re at it and discover you were actually Mr(s). Clean this entire time.


Strain Recommendations: Jack Herer, Maui Waui, Sage & Sour


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Author: Evan Thompson

Evan ThompsonWith a proclivity for risk-taking and an intimate knowledge of San Francisco’s landscape, Evan goes the extra mile, shooting images that capture the mystique and majesty of the Bay Area.

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