The 3 Easiest Ways to Get Your MMJ Recommendation

For too many people, the only thing standing between them and the medicine they need, is a medical marijuana evaluation from a doctor. What if we told you there were several ways to do this from the comfort of your own home?
We’ve gone through the motions at three of our favorite websites and listed the easiest steps to help you get your MMJ online today!



Meadows beautifully designed platform gets straight to the point. New patients simply click, “No, I need one” and you’ve just completed step 1 of 5. The process is completed as follows:


Step 2: Quick Account Setup

Step 3: Select Appointment Time

Step 4: Choose Payment Method

Step 5: 30 minute Digital Consultation


Once you’ve completed these steps, you will immediately receive a digital copy of your medical marijuana recommendation. The following week your physical ID card and embossed letter of recommendation will be sent to you in the mail.

The medical evaluation process at Eaze truly helps them live up to their name. The user-friendly site takes you through 7 simple steps:


Step 1: Don’t have a medical marijuana card? Get one online for $40.

Step 2: Quick Account Set-Up

Step 3: Agree to Terms of Use

Step 4: Upload a Photo ID or Passport

Step 5: Fill Out General Information

Step 6: Fill Out Medical History

Step 7: Enter Payment Information


Once complete, you will be connected with an Eaze doctor for your live evaluation! Doctors are available 8am-10pm every day of the week and appointments are generally take around 10-15 minutes. You will immediately receive access to a downloadable version of your recommendation letter. Within 5-7 days, you should receive a physical version of your letter in the mail as well as your plastic ID card if you ordered one. The downloadable version of your letter can be accessed anytime by logging into your account at

Hello MD has a huge knowledge base for new patients as well as seasoned veterans. What you may not know is they also have a seamless process built in to obtain your MMJ recommendation with one of their doctors online.


Step 1: Visit Hello MD

Step 2: Create an Account & Confirm Email

Step 3: Fill Out Personal Information & Medical History

Step 4: Upload Photo & California ID

Step 5: Select Payment Method

Step 6: Begin consultation with your doctor! (after downloading the Zoom app)


Once your 10-15 minute consultation is finished, you will have access to a downloadable recommendation that you will be able to use while you wait for your embossed recommendation and photo ID to arrive.


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