10 Anxiety Relieving Strains

Even those new to cannabis may have heard that taking it can be an effective way to manage anxiety. But between the myriad of strains on the market and the prominence of high potency cannabis in many dispensaries, it can be challenging for patients to choose which cannabis products will best help them through anxious and stressful moments. Budtender recommendations and word-of-mouth are a great starting point, but how do you know what to ask for?
It’s all about the science.
When people think about cannabis, what typically comes to mind is the psychoactive effects of THC: feelings of euphoria, calm, and sedation. For some patients however, there can also be increased heart rate and paranoia – experiences that exacerbate anxiety instead of counteracting it – and this happens when the THC levels are too high. CBD on the other hand is known to decrease anxiety with limited psychoactive effects. So it’s not always enough to simply ask a Budtender what their favorite indica strain is for helping with anxiety. Patients who are new to cannabis or sensitive to THC’s intense effects may want to look into cannabis products with higher CBD and lower THC levels. But when it comes to anxiety, there’s no shortage of cannabis strains that can help keep you calm.We know indica is perfect for unwinding, and these 10 strains are our favorites for managing anxiety:Granddaddy Purple
This popular strain fights anxiety by delivering heady euphoria, full body relaxation, and helping you achieve a restful night’s sleep.
Bubba Kush
Another popular indica strain, Bubba Kush helps combat anxiety by simultaneously relaxing the body and increasing feelings of happiness.
Northern Lights
This world-renowned strain is all about keeping things mellow. With Northern Lights, your mind is embraced by feelings of happiness and euphoria while your muscles relax.
Blue Cheese
Named for its aroma and creamy flavor, Blue Cheese’s strong indica effects work wonders easing the mind and removing tension from the body.
Purple Kush
An Oakland native, Purple Kush brings on the euphoria and keeps it coming, while the body settles down and welcomes sleep.
For those days when you’re feeling anxious but still need to get stuff done, hybrids are the way to go. These strains do a great job of reducing anxiety without locking you to the couch:
Blue Dream
This is sativa-dominant hybrid stimulates the mind with feelings of happiness and chill euphoria while keeping those muscles relaxed.
Girl Scout Cookies
A perennial favorite, GSC offers full body relaxation coupled with an uplifting and creative mental high.
OG Kush
This hybrid is all about euphoria. OG Kush is heavy on the joy, but it also keeps you calm, making it a perfect option for intensely stressful days.
If social settings make you feel anxious, AK-47 balances feelings of mellowness with a lingering mental buzz and enhanced creativity.
This hybrid may be high in THC, but it ability to stimulate creativity and increase happiness makes it an effective strain for sufferers of anxiety.Cannabis can be very helpful when included as part of a complete wellness regime to minimize stress and anxiety. While these indica and hybrid strains are just a few of our personal favorites, no two people react the same way to one particular type of medicine. Try a few and make notes about how each one makes you feel. It may suit you to try something other than flowers, like tinctures or edibles.
But cannabis doesn’t act alone: environment is key. If your surroundings and the people around you are making you anxious, get out of there. When you can, create a space that encourages relaxation in whatever way works best for you.
What strains do you use to relieve your anxiety?

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