Civilized. – October 14, 2016

San Francisco Job Fair Highlights Huge Growth Opportunities In Cannabis Industry

The first time Michael Ray hosted a cannabis industry job fair, roughly five employers and 150 job seekers showed up. It was the summer of 2014, and the executive director of Bloom Farms – a medical cannabis company based in San Francisco – organized the event, in part, to recruit a “talented, passionate team” for his own purposes.

It immediately became clear that this would not be a one-time thing.

“It was a huge success. Each one of the employers hired multiple people and… what happened next was ten people emailed me and asked when we were going to do this again,” Ray told Civilized. Read more…

Business Insider – October 13, 2016

The ‘Apple of vaping’ made an e-cigarette for marijuana — here’s what it’s like

This summer, Pax Labs reinvented the e-cigarette with its best-selling device Juul.

The San Francisco-based startup dubbed the “Apple of vaping” is back with a device that aims to bring the same simplicity to marijuana smokers that the Juul delivered for tobacco smokers.

The Pax Era is a vape pen that works by heating up a liquid form of marijuana concentrate contained in tiny, Keurig-cup-like canisters. Users need only inhale to activate the device.

I recently tested the Pax Era. Here’s how it holds up. Read more…

Cool Hunting – September 22, 2016

PAX Lab’s Two Next-Generation Vapes

Anyone familiar with PAX’s previous range of vaporizers understands the impact they’ve had on the smoking community. Thus far, they’ve coupled a tech-forward vaporization experience with an elegant design-driven product. We’ve been fans forever, despite the fact that we’ve only used their products for unintended reasons. Today’s release of PAX Lab’s two new devices finally addresses head on that their customers like to use PAX vaporizers to smoke marijuana. Read more…

MG Magazine – July 8, 2016

Bloom Farms’ Michael Ray: Growing It Forward

A commitment to quality and corporate social responsibility defines Bloom Farms and its motivated founder, Michael Ray.

As the march toward nationwide legalization gains momentum, cannabis companies of all types and sizes are getting serious about developing brands that will resonate with people for years to come. Many companies focus their marketing narrative on products and services, often with an emphasis on health benefits, but others have taken a decidedly different route into the popular consciousness by establishing trust based on social responsibility and public service. Read more…

Business Insider – June 26, 2016

This $50 vape pen is as good as vaporizers that are 5 times as expensive

The first time you take a long, blissful draw on a Highlighter vape pen, you may cough so violently you think you’ll hack up a lung. This pencil-thin device packs a bigger punch than its sleek design suggests.

The Highlighter vape pen is a pot user’s dream. It’s portable, stylish, cost-effective, and easy to use. As the vaping industry quickly heats up (one in 10 Americans vape these days), the Highlighter could be the device that’s been missing from the legal marijuana industry. Read more…

the dieline – May 22, 2016

The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Highlighter by Bloom Farms

As the cannabis vaporizer pen market explodes across the country at a rapid pace, a wide array of package designs appear, many of which reflect fast turn-around production and cluttered, confusing design. Bloom Farm approached Pavement with a desire to stand out in the marketplace with a sophisticated and instantly recognizable brand image that would become the high standard for the category. Read more…

The Huffington Post – February 24, 2016

More Than Just Revenue: The Social Capital Benefits of Legal Cannabis

It looked like a line for a concert, young folks shifting their weight as they patiently waited outside of the New Parish, a popular music venue in Oakland. The appearance of the crowd led one to believe that an alternative rock band or other anti-establishment act was poised to appear. Tattoos were in full force, piercings adorned ears, noses and less common body parts, and hair colors evoked rainbows. But this wasn’t a rock show, this was a work event, if your work happens to be in the cannabis industry. Read more…