Give Back

With your support we have had the privilege of donating 500,000 meals!


To our community, thank you.

We pledge that for every Bloom Farms product purchased, we will donate one meal to a food-insecure family or individual in need.

Our goal is to donate 1 million meals.

Our mission starts with you.


It all starts with you. When you buy a Highlighter Set or Highlighter Replacement Cartridge from one of our many retail partner dispensaries throughout California, you are ensured that a portion of your money is going to a good cause.


At the end of the month we calculate the number of items sold and make a donation to one of our nonprofit partners. This donation will cover the cost of sourcing and distributing a healthy meal to a family in need. One item = One Meal.


At Bloom Farms we encourage our entire team to get active in the community. We find projects they are passionate about and get involved. We ask the same of our patients. Join us on a volunteer day or donate directly to the organization.

What is the impact of a single meal?

One single meal can mean the difference between going to bed hungry and going to bed healthy.

Here is what you probably didn’t know:

Children, seniors, unemployed, and low-wage workers make up the majority of those struggling with hunger.



of urban households with children are food-insecure.

16.2 Million

or 1-out-of-5 Children live in food insecure households.

5.4 Million

seniors live in food-insecure households.


Our goal is to donate 1 million meals to families in need.

We set our goals high and know that our work is cut out for us, but we are dedicated to making a dent in hunger. It is both exciting and humbling to have such amazing partners who are equally as dedicated to making our mission become a reality. Join us on this mission.


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