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Frequently Asked Questions

Love it. Gotta have it. Where can I find BLOOM FARMS™ products?

Use the Find Us section of the website to locate a partner dispensary near you. Dispensaries and delivery services please contact us for wholesale inquiries.


Unfortunately our cannabis products cannot be purchased outside of California or directly from getbloomfarms.com

What makes BLOOM FARMS Different?

We make an amazing product but are not just about the quality of our cannabis. We’re about increasing the quality of our lives. We’re out to support a culture shift with safe, responsible, life-enhancing experiences that change the negative stereotypes about cannabis. We support a healthy life with cannabis. Our mantra is relaxation, relief, creativity and fun.


It’s simple. Both HIGHLIGHTER and HIGHLIGHTER PLUS are breath-activated. Just inhale, and the heating element warms the cannabis oil to create potent, flavorful vapor and deliver the perfect dose every time.


  • The suggested retail price for a HIGHLIGHTER Complete Set is $45. Replacement oil cartridges are $30.
  • The suggested retail price a HIGHLIGHTER PLUS Complete Set is $80. Replacement oil cartridges are $60.

What is cannabis oil distillate?

Cannabis oil distillate is an oil that has been gently refined multiple times to create a pure, clear and high-potency oil. The Bloom Farms™ distillate found in HIGHLIGHTER PLUS has a potency range of 75-90% THC.

How is the distillate made?

Bloom Farms distillate starts with the same process as our HIGHLIGHTER oils by using state-of-the-art, supercritical CO2 technology. Raw oils are gently refined via crystallization to remove unwanted plant lipids and waxes, followed by an additional process of refinement to further concentrate the oil.

Do you use any additives?

The only things added to our 100% pure oils are natural cannabis-derived terpenes. The flavorful and aromatic terpenes are delicately extracted from the same plants used in the final product, so the oil tastes like its original source flower. We do not use any PEG, PG or VG in our HIGHLIGHTER, HIGHLIGHTER PLUS or PAX Era products.

Do you use artificial flavoring or terpenes?

No, never. The natural flavor profiles of Bloom Farms cannabis are too good to cover up with artificial flavoring. To maintain the plant’s natural flavors, all of our terpenes are derived from the same cannabis plants that the oil is made from.

What are terpenes?

Aromatic terpenes are natural components of a cannabis plant that form its distinctive flavor profile. Some may be earthy or sweet, while others are pungent or fruity. Though terpenes are found throughout nature, cannabis is unique because it can express a wide variety of terpenes to create complex and unique flavor profiles.

How strong is it?

  • All HIGHLIGHTER and PAX Era Pod vapor oil contains a consistent 50-70% THC.
  • HIGHLIGHTER PLUS vapor oil is formulated to contain 75-90% THC.

How long does the cartridge last?

Our 500mg cartridges generally last around 300 full inhales, which is comparable to 1/8 ounce of flowers.

Is the cartridge wicked or wickless?

  • HIGHLIGHTER and HIGHLIGHTER PLUS are wickless. Our FDA-grade, BPA/BPS-free cartridges use a fully integrated ceramic coil system and a standard 510-thread fitting.
  • PAX Era Pods utilize dual-wick technology to prevent clogs and leaks. Simple-click pods allow for ultimate convenience.

What are the capacity and specs for the battery and cartridge?

The battery typically lasts for an entire cartridge on a single charge and is rechargeable up to 150 times. The battery capacity is 280mAH, and it operates at a range of approximately 3.3V-4.2V. The resistance of the cartridge is approximately 1.9~2.1Ω(ohms). The maximum limit is approximately 2.0A. Do not use high-powered batteries with Bloom Farm cartridges.

What if the pen breaks or I simply don't like it?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Bloom FarmsTM products. If you are not happy with your Highlighter for any reason, just return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Always feel free to reach out to us directly. We want to know how we can enhance your next experience.


Before you exchange your Highlighter, we think this video might help fix most cartridge issues.

Where is BLOOM FARMS located?

BLOOM FARMS, where we grow and harvest much of our cannabis, is set among the beautiful Sierra Foothill mountains and has been in our family for more than 50 years.  Want to tour the farm?  Email us

It is my dream to work in the cannabis industry. How can I work with BLOOM FARMS?

It was our dream too! Check out our available positions and Join the Team.

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